The Best Books of 2016

Picking the Best Books of 2015 is as hard as asking us which of our children are our favorites (depends on the day)!

However, we think you’ll love these just as much as we do. The criteria is based on either sales, impact, reach or message. If you love them, tell your friends. If you don’t, move on and we never had this conversation.

And here they are…

1. How to Write Copy That Sells
Edwards, Ray $17.95

 How to Write Copy That Sells is for everyone who needs to write copy that sells including copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Writing copy that sells without seeming salesy can be tough, but is an essential skill. How To Write Copy That Sells supplies specific copywriting techniques for everything from email marketing, web sites, and social media, to traditional media ads and direct mail.

2. Social Media Made Me Rich

Loop, Mathew $29.95

In Social Media Made Me Rich, learn the specific strategies that the world’s highest-paid Internet entrepreneurs are using to multiply their impact and get rich.
3. Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are

Cooper, Chad E. $17.95

Time Isn’t The Problem, You Are is the twenty-first century guidebook for everyone who feels stuck in their life and wants to change, but doesn’t quite know where to begin. It s thorough, entertaining, informative, and easy to understand. Yet, at the same time it is a challenging and action-inducing program that s designed to make the years of your life count. Time Isn’t The Problem, You Are can help you to live the life of your dreams, and to start that process right now.

4. The Step

Lemasters, Martha $17.95

The Step chronicles one woman s journey to overcoming obstacles and finding her own happiness and success among the high testosterone environment of the engineers and astronauts of the Apollo years.

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They are all available from your favorite bookstore!