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Morgan James Radio is all about you.

To get there, you’ll hear our show facilitator, Jody Maberry, pull out the incredible backstory of our founder, and host, David Hancock and the birth of The Entrepreneurial Publishing model.
We’ll talk about the infusion of Guerrilla Marketing into the core principles of Morgan James Publishing, and about leveraging your book to grow your market, message, and income.
Morgan James Publishing has revolutionized book publishing—from the author’s standpoint. Morgan James teaches authors strategies to leverage their books and grow their businesses—adding value while staying out of the way.
Regularly ranked by Publishers Weekly as one of the fastest growing publishers in the nation, Morgan James is reported to be “the future of publishing.”
During the upcoming episodes, we’ll spend a lot of time interviewing industry experts and bright shining authors, and sharing wisdom to help  guide you into finding your right path to publishing.

What is the one thing we can help you add to your message that will propel your business and your influence?

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