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What Can Your Mind Accomplish?

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release,The Mind Hack Recipe: 7 Proven Techniques to Hack Your Brain for Amazing Mind Powers by Jason Mangrum, is his collection of powerful techniques that provide manageable treatments for stress, pains from illness, and openness to new opportunity. The [...]

Take the Complexity Out of Retirement

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Ready to Pull the Retirement Trigger? Your Strategic Guide to Retire with Confidence by Mary Sterk, shows those approaching retirement age how to retire with confidence and comfortably enjoy the rest of life.   There are many issues facing [...]

God of Hope and Forgiveness

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Mitigating Circumstances: A Detective’s Stories of Forgiveness and the Fruit of God’s Loveby Brian D. Baker,contains real detective stories that also present examples of God’s love and forgiveness in the penal system to be read by criminal offenders, [...]

Finding Success in Seconds

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1 by Gina Catalano, is an informative story about the process for understanding the need for and finding a second-in-command for CEOs/entrepreneurs of fast growing businesses.   The road to [...]

Entrepreneur Writes Awesome Book

NEW YORK—MONTH XX, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Book Blueprint: How Any Entrepreneur Can Write an Awesome Book by Jacqui Pretty, is a resource for entrepreneurs who want to make a great book, but are strapped for time and resources. It provides new strategies and idea [...]

Transforming Success One Thread at a Time

NEW YORK—June 13, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients by Lee Heyward, consolidates methods to help individuals present their ‘best selves’ and influence others with their newfound confidence. Strategically Suited is intended for men ages [...]

New Alternative to Weight Loss

NEW YORK—June 13, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, All Inclusive Diet: Finding Balance & Keeping the Weight Off by Kris Simpson, is a balanced look at manageable diet alternatives that work flexibly to help people lose weight and keep it off. It is intended for overweight [...]

Blueprint for the Future Planet

NEW YORK —June 13, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Our Peaceful Planet: Healing Ourselves and Our World for a Sustainable Future by Yasmin Davar, guides everyday people, businesses and governments alike to create a peaceful and sustainable world, starting with transformation on the individual level. Humans [...]

Getting Out of Abuse and Into Happiness

NEW YORK—June 6, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, I Just Want Out: Seven Careful Steps to Leaving Your Emotionally Abusive Husband by Jodi Schuelke, is her record of practical and actionable planning strategies for women that have had enough with their abusive marriages. This is intended [...]

Cracking the Code to Medical School Interviews

NEW YORK—June 6, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Premed Playbook Guide to the Medical School Interview: Be Prepared, Perform Well, Get Accepted by Ryan Gray MD is a professional’s insight into what to expect from and how to prepare for medical school interviews. The Premed [...]


NEW YORK – May 30, 2017 – Morgan James is pleased to announce today the release of Allergy Free with Dr. Z: Understanding Allergies, Asthma, and Much, Much More, by John F. Zwetchkenbaum, MD. The new guide provides the latest information for the millions of [...]

Faith Trumps the Whirl Winds of Life

NEW YORK—May 30, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Crazy Life: Navigating Through Life’s Disruptions Without Losing Your Faith by Dr. Tony L. Nelson, shows Christians how to maintain faith while navigating through life’s craziness. Significant life disruptions can often cause Christian men and women to experience [...]

Jumpstarting Infant Communication

NEW YORK—May 23, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Signs of a Happy Baby: The Baby Sign Language Book by William White and Kathleen Harper, lets parents communicate with their children before they ever learn how to speak. Babies begin to develop motor skills before they develop [...]

Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS Teaches Customizable Weight Loss

NEW YORK—May 23, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS: The Art of Losing Weight, Healing Your Body, and Soothing Your Multiple Sclerosis by Andrea Wildenthal Hanson teaches that successful weight loss is about personally meaningful decisions. Many people feel that [...]

Tales from a Hollywood Lion Tamer

NEW YORK—May 16, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Lights, Camera, Lions: Memoirs of a Real-Life Dr. Doolittle by Hubert Wells, offers a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood’s favorite animal actors. From Free Willy to Air Bud to Charlotte’s Webb, Hollywood is filled with movies starring endearing animal [...]

A Faith Based Approach to Creativity

NEW YORK—May 16, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Waking Up Grey: An Exploration of Creative Awakening by Jennie Schut, helps readers reconnect with their inner artist. God is universally known amongst Christians as the Great Creator. As man is said to be made in God’s image, [...]

A Pop Culture Perspective on Leadership

NEW YORK—May 16, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Lead Like a Superhero: What Pop Culture Icons Can Teach Us About Impactful Leadership by Sebastien Richard, is a leadership book for the next generation. Every child looks up to their favorite superhero, and with new Marvel and [...]

Manifest 10,000 Dollars By Changing Your Mindset

NEW YORK—May 16, 2017—Morgan James' new release, : Learn How to Manifest $10,000 by Using the Law of Attraction and Improving Your Money Mindset by Cassie Parks, shares how to allow abundance and wealth to flow freely in many people’s lives and picks apart the [...]

Do Less. Become More Productive. Or Doing Less is More Productive

NEW YORK—May 9, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, My Desk is Driving Me Crazy: End Overwhelm, Do Less, and Accomplish More by Sue Rasmussen, teaches individuals how to sort through the endless 'to do' list to figure out what really needs to be done. Through Rasmussen’s [...]

Morgan James Publishing Launches New Author Portal

Rolling out over the summer and expected to be fully live by the Fall, Morgan James Publishing is launching The Morgan James Author Portal, a new portal for authors and agents to access contract data, key points of contact, miscellaneous documents and monthly royalty statements. [...]

The Real Meaning of the Fourth of July

NEW YORK—May 2, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, It's Not About You, Mrs. Firecracker: A Love Letter About the True Meaning of the Fourth of July by Soraya Coffelt, explains what brave Americans did to declare their freedom and equality, and identifies who was the source [...]

Comedian Keeps Her Sense of Humor When Facing Ovarian Cancer

NEW YORK—May 2, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts by Jennifer Coken, offers a close up look at ovarian cancer and the road to recovery. Ovarian cancer claims the lives of 14,000 American [...]

Not the Average Corporate “Self-Help”

NEW YORK—May 2, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Revolutionize Your Corporate Life: A Simple Guide to Leadership, Balance, and Success in Your Business, by Peggy Caruso, is another book in the “Revolutionize series.” It focuses on the person recognizing what they need to change about themselves [...]

Helping Teachers Love Teaching

NEW YORK—May 2, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Teacher’s Field Guide: 7 Truths About Teaching to Help You Start off Strong, Avoid Burnout, and Stay in Love with Teaching by Kerry Hemms, offers a solution to the national teacher retention crisis. The education field has one [...]

Rise and Hustle Shows a Quick Way to Physical, Personal and Spiritual Development

NEW YORK—May 2, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, Rise and Hustle: Transform Your Life Physically, Personally, and Spiritually in Just 90 Seconds a Day by Mike Whitfield, is a slightly humorous daily read that includes tips for physical, personal, and spiritual development. In just 90 seconds [...]

A Guide for Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

NEW YORK—April 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Self-Employed: 50 Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur by Joel Comm and John Rampton, leads readers to a career of being their own boss. Being an entrepreneur takes a certain level of drive, motivation, and determination. It’s [...]

A Story of Recovery and Resilience

NEW YORK—April 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy, is a fictional novel based on the inspiring experiences of a cancer survivor. One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. Women undergoing [...]

A Fictional Look at Factual Laws

NEW YORK—April 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Almost Redemption: Inspired Stories Based on Actual Supreme Court Rulings by Vicky Wall, examines and evaluates Supreme Court rulings through the lens of faith and religion. In today’s cultural and political climate, religious matters are a sensitive, if [...]

The Boiling Pot of America

NEW YORK—April 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Red, White, and Latina: Our American Identity, by Cristina Perez, takes a look how the diverse foundation of America appears to be turning on itself. America was built on people of many different races, cultures, and colors. In [...]

Gleason’s Thrilling Third Novel

NEW YORK—April 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Swabian Affair: Book III of the Gaius Marius Chronicle by Ray Gleason, is a captivating addition to his historical fiction series. In the latest installment in the Gaius Marius Chronicle series, Ray Gleason’s protagonist Gaius Marius Insubrecus, [...]

A Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

NEW YORK—April 18, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Hustler's Handbook: A Guide to Success in Your New Career by Jason Poole, shows readers how to get from where they are to where they want to be in their professional lives. Studies show that the average American changes [...]

Finding Success in Professional Consulting

NEW YORK—April 18, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients: 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom by David Fields, provides an easy to follow step-by-step guide for independent consultants looking to grow their business. Any type of self-employment or [...]

Family Values in Team Sports

NEW YORK—April 18, 2017--Morgan James’s new release, Little Teammate by , demonstrates a parent’s unconditional love through an athletic fable. Alan Williams presents a touching tale of a father’s love for his son in his new children’s book, Little Teammate. The story follows a child [...]

Success is a Life Well Lived

  NEW YORK—April 18, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Ultimate Freedom: Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity by Vickie Helm and Mia Bolte, inspires readers to seek fulfillment by following their passions. With a multitude of business, finance, and self-help books [...]

So Much Moore than Just Volunteering

NEW YORK—April 11, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Non-Profit Legends: Comprehensive Reference on Community Service, Volunteerism, Non-Profits and Leadership For Humanity and Good Citizenship by Hank Moore provides a comprehensive look at serving communities and motivated leadership for non-profits.   Moore has worked with hundreds [...]

Freedom From Abuse

NEW YORK—April 11, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Hushed Cries: Healing is Found in the Choices You Make by Dorthea L. Hughes is an honest, vulnerable, and victorious memoir about surviving sexual abuse as a child.   Children who are sexually abused are vulnerable to [...]

Executing Excellence

NEW YORK—April 11, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Excellence in Execution: HOW to Implement Your Strategy by Robin Speculand focuses on transforming leader’s current attitudes and thoughts to achieve excellence in execution.   Leaders understand the importance of the precise skill and ability needed to [...]

Guide to a Transformed Life

NEW YORK—April 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life by Cynthia E. Mazzaferro teaches how to discover and embrace inner power, release and heal emotional residue, and create a vision [...]

Retirement is the New Beginning

NEW YORK—April 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Retirement: Your New Beginning: Leveraging Over 1000 Clients Through Their Retirement for the Past 20 Years by Sid Miramontes helps individuals create their very own personal retirement plan that focuses on the human side of retirement. Retirement [...]

God is Alive and Well

NEW YORK—April 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours by Connie Rankin serves to challenge the concept that God is Dead by demonstrating through example that anything is possible in the power of I [...]

Overcoming the Dark Night of the Soul

NEW YORK—April 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Waking Up Dead: A True Story of Suicide, Divine Intervention and a Life Transformed by Eddie Anders tells the raw account of the dark side of depression. Anders found himself in what he calls his “dark night [...]

Position Your Career for Success

NEW YORK— April 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Too SHARP to Fail: How to Own Your Career and Thrive in the Workplace by Kiana L. Wilson encourages young professionals to take ownership of their career by developing the soft and interpersonal skills needed to [...]

Becoming Your Best Man

NEW YORK – MARCH 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Becoming a Significant Man: Unleash Your Masculine Self to Become the Better Husband Your Wife Desires, Better Father Your Children Deserve, and Better Leader the World Needs by Warren Peterson uncovers the many lies [...]

Race Relations in the Middle School Cafeteria

NEW YORK – MARCH 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Lunch Money Can't Shoot by Michael Levin and Jack Pannell encourages discourse about race amongst middle schoolers.   William Barnes is called “Room Service” by bigger kids who shake him down for his lunch [...]

Chasing God-Given Dreams

NEW YORK – MARCH 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, The Undeniable Favor of God: Achieving My Present by Walking in the Light of God’ Love by Elizabeth Jean Bruce helps readers make the dreams given to them by God reality.   Actualization, dream-fulfillment, [...]

Thrive to Be Happy

NEW YORK – March 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Thrive Principles: 15 Strategies For Building Your Thriving Life by Dr. Lee H. Baucom helps readers discover the side effect of thriving: happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. Despite the boom in the “How [...]

Ending Bedtime Battles

NEW YORK – March 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Curtis Gets Ready To Dream: A Bedtime Story to Guide your Child to Sleep by Catrina Stiller encourages interactive storytelling to help children fall asleep. Bedtime is one of the most important parts of [...]

Build a Life You Love

NEW YORK – March 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Make It Happen Blueprint: 18 High-Performance Practices to Crush it in Life and Business without Burning Out by Michelle McCullough teaches readers to build their success in eighteen simple steps. Success is not somewhere [...]

Rising from Breakdown to Breakthrough

NEW YORK—March 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Hell Bent Heaven Bound: One Woman’s Journey from the Drug House to the King’s House by Shawntá Pulliam recounts Pulliam’s journey from breakdown to breakthrough that led her to find the gift God had planted down inside [...]

Who Let the Dog Out?

NEW YORK—March 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new children’s book release, Missing Max by Katy Naas tells the story of a young narrator who accidentally allows his family dog and best friend, Max to escape and he must learn to trust in God’s plan. The young narrator [...]

Speaking from Experience

NEW YORK—March 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, ABCs of Speaking: Your Building Blocks to Speaking Success by Bret Ridgway, Adryenn Ashley and Caterina Rando reveals important insider information from the speaking industry and teaches how to effectively build a platform to share a powerful [...]

Search for Greatness within Yourself

NEW YORK—March 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Standing in the Presence of Greatness: Discover Seven Real Life Accounts of Greatness Along My Journey Thus Far by David Kohout and Kathleen Palumbo reminds anyone with a pulse just how much greatness exists in all of [...]

The Morgan James Winter 2017 Red Carpet Book Launch Live Stream

We are so excited to invite you to our inaugural Red Carpet Book Launch which will be held and broadcasted LIVE from Nashville, TN on March 16th. Interact and watch as we interview top authors whose titles release this season (December 2016 - March 2017). [...]

Weave Loose Ends of Goal Setting Into a Tapestry

NEW YORK – March 7, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Goals Book: Embracing Personal Responsibility in an Age of Entitlement by Bill Sciacca, makes goal-setting easier and brings the fun back into chasing dreams. Setting and achieving goals should be fun and motivating. Emerging [...]

Find Empowerment in Marriage Through Prayer

NEW YORK – March 7, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Clay Jar, Cracked: When We Are Broken But Not Shattered by Cortney Donelson shares the story of one woman’s empowerment in her marriage found through prayer. Divorce is the result of most marriages. This statistic [...]

Premortal Life

NEW YORK – March 7, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, The Baby Chronicles: Where You Were Before You Were by Beatrice Bruno reminds readers of the abilities they had before they were even born. The Baby Chronicles follows four baby girls before they are [...]

Demystify Systems Thinking

NEW YORK – March 7, 2017 – William Donaldson’s new book¸ Simple_Complexity: A Management Book for the Rest of Us: A Guide to Systems Thinking explains how to think about your business as a system and explains why doing so offers greater management insight for [...]

Teens Discover How to Tame the Beast

NEW YORK – February 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Taming Chaos: A Parable on Decision Making by Gary R. Miller, helps young people learn to make wiser choices. As an undergraduate professor teaching risk management, Gary R. Miller found young people truly needed a [...]

Challenging Punitive “Police Culture”

NEW YORK – February 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Actively Caring for People Policing: Building Positive Police / Citizen Relations by E. Scott Geller and Bobby Kipper, argues for a paradigm shift in policing practices. The negative, reactive face of law enforcement is [...]

Claudia Nicole Shares Wisdom Gained on a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

NEW YORK – February 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, 26 Days: A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and What You Need to Know by Claudia Nicole, shares the revelations learned while eating whole and sticking to a plant-based diet for 26 days. Eating healthy [...]

Where does the Easter Bunny Come From?

NEW YORK – February 28, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, It's Not About You, Mr. Easter Bunny: A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Easter by Soraya Coffelt and illustrated by Tea Seroya, helps children learn the true meaning of Easter. Easter, alive [...]

Naval Aviator Takes on Vietnam War

NEW YORK – February 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Flying Warrior: My Life as a Naval Aviator During the Vietnam War by Jules Harper, gives a unique insight into the life of a decorated Naval Aviator during America’s unpopular war. Beginning with Harper’s [...]

Entrepreneurs Give Their Businesses a Tune Up

NEW YORK – February 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, The Ultimate Business Tune Up: A Simple Yet Powerful Business Model That Will Transform the Lives of Small Business Owners by Rich Allen, teaches business owners how to ensure the sustainability of their enterprise. [...]

Douglas Jacoby Helps Readers Answer Skeptics when Sharing their Faith

NEW YORK – February 21, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Answering Skeptics: Sharing Your Faith with Critics, Doubters, and Seekers by Dr. Douglas Jacoby, equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to engage those who think differently. A person’s faith or lack thereof [...]

Matthews Creates Unique Roadmap to Success

NEW YORK—February 21, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, You've Got This: The 5 Self-Coaching Keys You Need to Live Boldly and Accomplish Anything by Will Matthews is full of powerful strategies for being grounded, identifying strengths, and becoming a brave and bold individual. Matthews presents [...]

Heart Tugging Novel Helps Readers Discover Faith Again

NEW YORK—February 14, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, The Faithful One, A Novel by Michele Chynoweth, is a modern-day retelling of the Bible’s Book of Job that will make you laugh, cry and find your faith again. Seth Jacobs is in the prime of his life [...]

Beckman Answers the Question: “What Can I Do?”

NEW YORK—February 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Alongside:  A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in their Time of Trial by Sarah Beckman is an answer to the question: “What can I do to help?” When a neighbor, friend, or loved one is struggling, [...]

Haire Provides a Generational Addiction Intervention

NEW YORK—February 14, 2017--Morgan James’s new book release, Relax on Impact: Transformation and Empowerment Through Surrender by Jill Haire marries psychology, addiction recovery, and an entertaining spiritual journey for a unique perspective on relationship and substance abuse. Jill Haire offers an entertaining medium for communicating [...]

Stinkbug Saves the Day

NEW YORK—February 14, 2017—Morgan James’s new children’s book release, Squirt Saves the Day: A Stinkbug’s Story by Maryel Henderson is a tale of friendship, heroism, and self-discovery that teaches children even the smallest person has value. Squirt is a stinkbug who dreams of greatness.  After [...]

Liliana Loretta LaRue Captivates with Rhyme and Beautiful Watercolor

NEW YORK—February 7, 2017—Morgan James’s new children’s book release, Liliana Loretta LaRue by Anne McGreevy is written in captivating rhyme paired with gorgeous watercolor illustrations and hidden pictures that will keep children searching and captivated until the end of the story. Liliana Loretta LaRue follows [...]

Business Owner to Marketing Hero

NEW YORK—February 7, 2016--Morgan James’s new book release, Launching to Leading: How B2B Market Leaders Create Flashmobs, Marshal Parades and Ignite Movements by Ken Rutsky provides key information that leading Business to Business (B2B) market leaders use to build their marketing machines. Many businesses want [...]

Break Free from Self Reliance

NEW YORK—February 7, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, The Greatest Trade: How Losing It All Became Life's Biggest Blessing by Steve Meyers is a true account of a redeemed life, the story of how he lost everything and through dependence on God’s direction he got [...]

A Blackbird and a Boy Become Best Friends

NEW YORK—February 7, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Noah’s Birds by Kimberley Massop is an inspiring story that shows how empathy and kindness can create beautiful friendships between unlikely friends. Noah always chases the birds away from his front steps after school, but one blackbird [...]

Fabulously Honest

NEW YORK—January 31st, 2017—Morgan James’s new children’s release, The Fabulous Glitter Girl by Morgan Lee Scheel cultivates the imagination and encourages creativity while demonstrating the importance of honesty. Scheel takes young readers into the land of Glitter and Gleam where The Fabulous Glitter Girl lives [...]

Do Well by Doing Good

NEW YORK—January 24, 2017--Morgan James’s new book release, Global Sustainability: 21 Leading CEOs Show How to Do Well by Doing Good by Mark Lefko examines how businesses practicing global sustainability helps everyone on Earth have what they need to survive and thrive, and helps businesses [...]

Greene Reveals Marketing Secrets

NEW YORK—January 17, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Market Domination for Podcasting: Secrets from the World's Top Podcasters by Seth Greene teaches business owners how to grow their businesses in just 20 minutes a week.   Growing and promoting a business can be a challenge, but [...]

Enhance Business Relationships Through Breakdown

NEW YORK—January 17, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change by Michael Papanek has the tools needed for establishing resilient relationships for a long-term track record of business success. In today’s fast-paced business world a [...]

Finding Peace in God’s Presence

NEW YORK—January 17, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Peace in the Brokenness: Peace is not the Absence of Brokenness in our Lives, but His Presence in the Midst of it by Gina Holm reminds women of God’s mercy and faithfulness through scripture and effective tools to [...]

Stroke Victims Make Full Recovery from New Technique

NEW YORK—January 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Our Stroke of Luck: New Technology Enables Stroke Victims to Make a Full Recovery by J. Gerry Purdy gives hope to those affected by stroke and proves that it is truly possible to fully recover from a stroke [...]

The Playing Field of Life

NEW YORK—January 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, On the Clock by Tim Enochs and Bruce Tollner tells the story of a sensational quarterback, Adam Alford, and his washed-up country singer father as they overcome their troubled past while outlining simple principles of success. On the [...]

Could You be a Futurist?

NEW YORK—January 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Epiphany Z: Eight Radical Visions for Transforming Your Future by Thomas Frey provides an innovative roadmap that provides a new way to look at the future to allow people to prepare themselves and others for the dramatic transformations [...]

Blind Lady Justice Meets Recalcitrant Renegades

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Defiled by Mike Nemeth, tells of the power struggle between a truth-seeking husband and his exploitative wife as they proceed through the civil justice system and then encounter the criminal justice system. As much as [...]

A Crime Drama of Historical Fact

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Circle of Terror by Larry Powalisz, details a series of crime frighteningly reminiscent of the Milwaukee “reign of terror”. Headstones are desecrated and the event is written off as the work of Halloween pranksters. [...]

Where’s the Wheat?

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet by Dr. John Douillard, counters and qualifies the gluten-free fad. Clean eating, organic products, quick cleanses, and [...]

Faith and Love Triumph over Pornography

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Caught: In Denial, In the Act, and In the Arms of a Loving God: A Story of a Marriage Lost and a Marriage Redeemed by John and Robbie Iobst, demonstrates the forgiveness to be [...]

Candle Maker Sheds Light on Journey of Fait

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, The Candle Maker by James Ryan Orr, relates the journey of faith with the parable of a simple flame. Phillip believes he has a candle in his chest. Gifted to him by the Candle [...]

Abstinence Isn’t the Only Way

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Can I Keep Drinking?: How You Can Decide When Enough is Enough by Cyndi Turner sheds new light on recovery for those struggling with alcohol. The Alcoholics Anonymous scene has been made a cliché [...]

Filter Shift the Way You See the World

NEW YORK – January 3rd, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World by Sara Taylor exposes the filters through which we see the world and helps readers gain control of their perspectives. Human beings by nature are biased. [...]

Entrepreneurs Build the A-Team

NEW YORK – January 3rd, 2017 – Morgan James’s new release, The A Player: The Definitive Playbook and Guide for Employees and Leaders Who Want to Play and Perform at the Highest Level by Rick Crossland, helps entrepreneurs build their best team. A chain is [...]

Leadership from the Bench

NEW YORK—January 3rd, 2017—Morgan James’s new book On Point: A Coach's Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire by Pam Borton, gives a unique and personal perspective on effective leadership during moments of stress and chaos. Figuring out how to thrive [...]

The Best Books of 2016

Picking the Best Books of 2015 is as hard as asking us which of our children are our favorites (depends on the day)! However, we think you’ll love these just as much as we do. The criteria is based on either sales, impact, reach or [...]

Kinks to Curls Teaches How to Maintain Natural Hair

NEW YORK—December 6, 2016—Morgan James’s new release, Kinks to Curls: The Natural Way of Creating Your Desired Look by Alexis Perkins and Tyshawna Witherspoon, teaches women of color to embrace their natural hair which is beautiful as God intended, and how to turn the woolly, [...]

Brand Quarterly Magazine ISSUE 24 – Brand Quarterly

Congratulations are due! Brand Quarterly Magazine honors 3 of our very own for being Marketing Thought Leaders over 50! They are all young at heart! Joel Comm David Aaker Ken Rustky Well done! We are so proud! Gain a competitive advantage in the race for [...]

Ferguson Teaches Individuals How to Transform Their Lives

NEW YORK—November 15, 2016--Morgan James’s new book release, Collison Course: How to Harness the Power of Love to Heal Your Broken Life by Barry Ferguson, explains how Ferguson transformed his life with a faith-based, step-by-step roadmap proven to change and redirect lives. Collision Course tells [...]

Parents find Wisdom for a Joyful Parenting Journey

NEW YORK—November 15, 2016--Morgan James’s new release, Against the Grain: Raising Christ-Focused Children from A to Z by Dr. Michele White, provides parents with encouragement and wisdom for navigating parenting challenges with guidance from Scripture. Against the Grain is an A-Z guide for parents in [...]

The 10 Year Shuffle

We first met Rick Frishman in 2006 at Armand Morin’s ‘Big Seminar’ after following his career since 2000. That was three years from formally launching Morgan James Publishing. He is an industry leader who is well respected and well connected. Rick started in Publishing when [...]

Why Women Matter – THE definitive resource book with comprehensive data

NEW YORK—November 8, 2016—Morgan James Publishing releases Women’s Quick Facts: Compelling Data on Why Women Matter by STEMconnectorÒ. Facts tell the story; the numbers have an impact and extraordinary meaning. Women are the showcase of our economy and society, and this book is a significant [...]

One Hour Photos to One Hour Marketing

NEW YORK—November 8, 2016--Morgan James’s new release, One Hour Marketing: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Simple Effective Marketing by Herman Pool, is a valuable and powerful tool to help business owners find their target market, attract more clients, and strengthen their business with simple to plan [...]

Sirak Turns Sceptics of the American Dream into Believers

NEW YORK—November 8, 2016--Morgan James’s new book, The American Dream, Revisited: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results by Gary Sirak is turning skeptics of the American Dream into believers with inspirational stories from people who have overcome great challenges to reach their American Dream. Sirak uses everyday [...]

Tight Rope Away from Depression

NEW YORK – November 8, 2016 – Morgan James’s new release, Tight Rope of Depression: My Journey from Darkness, Despair and Death to Light, Love and Life by Kellan Fluckiger helps those affected by depression find their balance through his own struggle and success. The world [...]