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London Calling!

Morgan James London: Expanding Representation & Distribution Morgan James Publishing would like to announce the opening of our new London office on St Martin’s le Grand. Situated in the heart of London’s financial district, two blocks east of the London Stock Exchange, the office [...]

Meet Christine Handy of Walk Beside Me in North Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Handy, author of Walk Beside Me. Christine, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. My story started after I was diagnosed with breast [...]

Addressing the Global Leadership Gender Gap

NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and the Gender Divide by Dr. Shawn Andrews, explains the differences in gender culture that often hinder a woman’s impact in the workplace. An expert in the fields of diversity and [...]

Encouragement for Grieving Parents

NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Grief Interrupted: A Holistic Guide to Reclaiming Your Joy by Corey Stiles, offers solace and hope in a delicate situation. Aimed at grieving parents who have lost a child, this healing guide provides a starting point for reclaiming [...]

Once Bitter Rivals, Executives Partner to Deliver Collective Wisdom and Impact Professional Women

Book also shares insights from other female leaders; Public release is same week as International Women’s Day NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. by award winning, C-suite executives Paula Brown Stafford and Lisa T. [...]

An Exploration into Human Creativity

NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Deep Creativity: Inside the Creative Mystery by Victor Shamas, is a researched-based, in-depth look at the creative process. Drawing from decades of experience studying and teaching psychology, Shamas offers a new perspective on several creative fundamentals, and challenges [...]

A Deep Space Fantasy for Young Adults

NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James Fiction’s new release, The Lost Astronaut: Search for the Golden Thread by D. J. Coning, takes readers on an intergalactic journey to save the planet. Complete with danger, heroes, aliens, and even pirates, this new novel has all the components [...]

A Guide to Brand-Building through Storytelling

NEW YORK—March 6, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging that Energizes, Persuades and Inspires by David Aaker, teaches marketing professionals how to utilize storytelling in their digital strategy.   The key to effective branding in the digital age is developing dynamic content. [...]

Weddings by the Glass Publishers Weekly Review

In his debut novel, Rubenstein, a rabbi of 40 years who has officiated over 3,000 weddings, interweaves Jewish culture, tradition, and practical advice in a light, sentimental love story. Hilary “Hillie” Gordon and Jay Jaworski’s engagement is clouded by Jay’s mother, who does not approve [...]

Morgan James Publishing Launches New Author Portal

Rolling out over the next few weeks and expected to be fully live by the second quarter of 2018, Morgan James Publishing is launching The Morgan James Author Portal, a new portal for authors and agents to access contract data, key points of contact, miscellaneous [...]

Legacy of Billy Graham; Faith, Values, Commitment

Legacy of Billy Graham; Faith, Values, Commitment Much-loved evangelists passes on to his eternal reward at 99 New York, NY – “The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, [...]

A New Method for Overcoming Eating Disorders

NEW YORK—February 20, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Rather than Rehab: Quit Bulimia & Upgrade Your Life by Lori Losch, offers a different approach to beating bulimia that doesn’t involve the typical route of rehab. Written by an addiction recovery coach who struggled for years with [...]

A Mother’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

NEW YORK— February 20, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Give Birth a Chance: How to Prepare for an Empowered VBAC by Ilia Blandina, empowers women to seek a natural birth, even after having had a cesarean section. Written by a professional midwife with decades of experience, [...]

A Universal Guide to Cyber Security

NEW YORK—February 20, 2018-—Morgan James’s new release, Online Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Evil Side of the Internet by Dr. Eric Cole, provides an expert’s perspective on digital threats and cyber security. With non-technical terms and practical advice, Cole [...]

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Defense

NEW YORK—February 13, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, Reinvent Your Personal Safety: 3 Keys to Successful Self-Protection for Women by Matt Tamas, provides women with a holistic guide to developing their own personal safety plan. With eighteen years of experience in the safety and defense field, [...]

True Tale of a Lassoing Granny

NEW YORK—February 13, 2018—Morgan James Kid’s new release, Cowboy Grandma by Wendy Ault and Sarah King, is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a grandmother with a unique career. Inspired by the real life of the author, it teaches kids it’s never too late to [...]

A Tragic Tale of Love and Life on the Run

NEW YORK—February 13, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, In Another Country and Besides by Maxwell Jacobs, tells the intensely emotional story of a man desperate to outrun his dark past. Set in 1950’s Europe, the novel’s protagonist Harry Hoffman travels from country to country looking for [...]

A Fashion Forward Image Guide for Businesswomen

NEW YORK—February 13, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, The Face of the Business: Develop Your Signature Style, Step Out from Behind the Curtain and Catapult Your Business on Video by Rachel Nachmias, teaches women how to develop a professional signature style and fine-tune their image so [...]

A Leadership Model for Transforming Bad Bosses

NEW YORK—February 13, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar! by Ken Pasch, teachers anyone in a leadership position the qualities of a great leader, and the practical steps they can take to become one.   A great leader is [...]

Weddings by the Glass Tells the Beautiful Story of an Interfaith Wedding

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018—Morgan James’ new fiction book release, Weddings by the Glass by Marc Rubenstein, tells the engaging story of a large, beautiful interfaith wedding. It was written for women, to provide not only entertainment but also inspiration for their own weddings. The main [...]

Scribd’s Quest To Be “The Netflix Of Reading” Is Finally Paying Off

Taking on Amazon isn’t easy. But after a lot of experimentation, this company is finding success convincing readers to switch from buying to subscribing. Read on: Scribd’s Quest To Be “The Netflix Of Reading” Is Finally Paying Off

Murder and Misconception Teaches Important Lessons About Faith Through a Thrilling Mystery

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018— Morgan James’ new mystery book release, Murder and Misconception: A Ben Time Mystery by T.A. Huggins, tells the story of a locomotive engineer trying to solve the murder of the train master and clear a fellow engineer’s name. It is a [...]

Relationship Detox Helps People Find Happy, Healthy Relationships

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018—Morgan James’ new self-help book release, Relationship Detox: 7 Steps to Prepare for Your Ideal Relationship by Jodi Schuelke, shows readers how to stop their unhealthy dating habits and find the right person for them. It was written for women who continually [...]

Ethos Tells an Engaging and Thought-Provoking Science Fiction Story

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018—Morgan James’ new science fiction book release, Ethos: Rise of Malcolm by Aaron Dworkin, is a futuristic novel that explores important themes through compelling characters and a captivating story. The themes and story appeal particularly to teenagers and young adults. Ethos tells [...]

New Self-help Book Reveals the True Power Behind Following One’s Inner Voice

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018— Morgan James’ new self-help book release, The Power of Things Unseen: Tales of Choosing Crazy Over Normal by Leanne R. Wood, helps people find the boldness to follow their own life path and discover their potential. It was written for anyone [...]

Larnelle Harris Encourages Faith Through His Extraordinary Personal Story

NEW YORK—February 06, 2018—Morgan James’ new Christian book release, Shaped Notes: How Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts Influenced My Life and Career by Larnelle Harris with Christine Schaub, recounts the challenges that Harris faced in his own life and how he was strengthened in his [...]

Adapting Traditional Business for the Digital Age

NEW YORK—January 30, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, The Billion Dollar Byte: Turn Big Data into Good Profits, the Datapreneur Way by D. Justhy, provides traditional companies the tools they need to incorporate big data into their business model and leverage it to increase profits.   [...]

Incorporating Everyone into the Go Green Movement

NEW YORK—January 30, 2018—Morgan James’new release, Fool Willing: The Secret Power of Play to Engage Communities in Your Green Organization by Kathy Oppegard, offers organizations a new approach to recruiting volunteers and spreading awareness for their cause. The tools found in this whimsical guide book [...]

A Dinner Party Planner for the Novice Chef

NEW YORK—January 30, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, Impromptu Friday Nights: A Guide to Supper Clubs by Paul J. Kenny, aims to unite friends and family through the art of food. More than an average cookbook or menu guide, this multi-faceted new book teaches aspiring chefs [...]

Finding Balance Between Work and Personal Life

NEW YORK—January 30, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, Perfect Day: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Curing Lifestyle Deficit Disorder and Reclaiming Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life by Cokie Berenyi, offers overworked entrepreneurs strategies to overcome their stress and exhaustion, and enables them to find the [...]

A Game Plan for Winning at Parenting

NEW YORK—January 30, 2018—Morgan James’ new release, Coaching the Home Team: Winning the Game of Parenting and Getting the Most Out of Your Child by Jason Taylor, provides parents with teaching and coaching tactics drawn from the world and culture of athletics, and designed to [...]

A Supportive Resource for Parents with Seriously Ill Children

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Lifeline: A Parent’s Guide to Coping with a Child’s Serious or Life-Threatening Medical Issue by Dr. Denise Morett, offers valuable resources to parents of seriously ill children. When her own son was diagnosed with rare, life-threatening tumors, Dr. [...]

Enhancing Awareness of Parental Incarceration

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James Kid’s new release, Our Moms by Quniana Futrell, touches on a sensitive subject that often goes ignored. Over 5 million children in the US have had incarcerated parents. The absence of their most important role models can cause serious emotional [...]

Fictional Business Tale with a Real Life Application

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, The Game Changer: A Business Parable about Transformational Business Design by Chicke Fitzgerald, is a fictional title that offers practical, real-life takeaways for business executives. Whether the reader is an entrepreneur just getting his business off the ground [...]

A Message of Encouragement for Parents Who’ve Lost a Child

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James’s new faith release, Life Lived Not Lost: A Journey of Hope by Cynthia Staton, is the emotional tale of a mother who tragically lost a child. In it, Stanton shares intimate details of her difficult childhood, her struggles with motherhood, [...]

A Playbook for Character Building

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Proven Player: The Instruction Manual to Building Character in Sports and Life by John Powell, provides a guide for developing a strong character based on principles derived from athletics. Powell demonstrates how sportsmanship extends into all aspects in [...]

A Career Guide for the Working Mom

NEW YORK—January 23, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma's Guide To Finding Meaningful Work by Kayla Berg, provides direction and guidance for mothers facing career confusion or burnout. With easy to follow steps that lead the reader from discovering their gifts [...]

A Guide to Digital Marketing For the Food Industry

NEW YORK—January 16, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, How to Become a Rock Star Chef in the Digital Age: A Step-by-Step Marketing System for Chefs and Restaurateurs to Burn Their Competition and Build their Brand to Superstar Level by Mark Garcia, offers talented chefs a way [...]

A New Approach to Running That Fits Everyone

NEW YORK—January 9, 2018--Morgan James’s new release, Not Your Average Runner: Why You’re Not Too Fat to Run and the Skinny on How to Start Today by Jill Angie, challenges the stigma that running is only for those in marathon shape. It takes a candid [...]

Unlocking the Seven Keys to Success

NEW YORK—January 9, 2017— Morgan James’ new release, Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life; Told Through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World by Karen Brown, teaches people how to achieve success personally and professionally [...]

Step By Step Guide for Turning Rags to Riches

NEW YORK—January 9, 2018—Morgan James’s new release, What it Takes… From $20 to $200 Million: Jerry Azarkman’s Memoir by Jerry Azarkman and Ruth Garcia-Corrales, is the inspiring story of a young immigrant who started a successful business from nothing. It offers readers seven proven steps [...]

Selling Without Selling Out

NEW YORK—January 9, 2018—Morgan James’s new book release, The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell: A Marketing Guide for Making Money While You Sleep by Brian Greenberg, offers online marketing solutions that help professionals build their company, enhance their brand, grow their bottom line, and generate returns. A [...]

Take a Break from Drinking Without Deprivation

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018— Morgan James’ new release, Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else?: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Why You Drink and Knowing How to Take a Break by Rachel Hart, provides readers with the tools to understand and change their drinking habit. It [...]

Why Criticism is a Good Thing

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018— Morgan James’ new business book release, Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars: Your GPS in an Era of Hyper-Change by Jeff Piersall and Eric Wright, is a guide that helps people overcome the distractions and criticisms of a hyper-change era with [...]

Authentic Success Promotes Happiness

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018— Morgan James’ new release, Inspire Integrity: Chasing an Authentic Life by Corey A. Ciocchetti, helps people to take a critical look at themselves and start living authentically. It was written for people who are tired of chasing the worldly definition of [...]

New Guide to a Life of Freedom with Money, Time and Location

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018 — Morgan James’ new release, Freelance to Freedom: The Roadmap for Creating a Side Business to Achieve Financial, Time and Life Freedom by Vincent Pugliese, helps people gain more freedom and success in their lives through the creation of their own [...]

Lose Weight Once and for All: The Healthy Way

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018— Morgan James’ new release, No Time to Lose: How I Lost 185 Pounds and Saved My Life by Debbie Lazinsky, teaches the essentials to living a healthy life and losing weight naturally. It was written for women who want to lose [...]

Best Ways to Earn Cash

NEW YORK—January 2, 2018— Morgan James’ new release, More Money Now: Use Your Existing Skills, Connections and Technology to Start Earning Cash Today by Michael Zechmann, teaches readers to effectively use their skills to find new ways of making money. It was written for those [...]

Charming New Children’s Book for the Holiday Season

NEW YORK—December 19, 2017—Morgan James’ new children’s book release, Carol, the Ancient Yuletide Troll by Matt Taylor, teaches the meaning of Christmas through an engaging story about a troll that helps Santa Claus deliver toys to monsters. It is intended to be read to young [...]

128 Billion to 1 Shows Readers How to Beat the Odds in Their Office Pool

NEW YORK—December 12, 2017—Morgan James’ new book release, 128 Billion to 1: Ten Steps to Beat the Odds and Win Your NCAA Tourney Office Pool by Mike Nemeth, explains the secrets and inner workings of the NCAA Tournament to exponentially increase one’s odds of filling [...]

Spartan Strong Gives Readers the Confidence to Overcome Life’s Obstacles

NEW YORK—December 12, 2017—Morgan James’ new book release, Spartan Strong: What It Takes to Overcome Every Obstacle by Bethany Marshall, Jessica Burton, Zac Allen, and Andres Encinales, tells the personal stories of four Obstacle Course Racers and shares their secrets to success. It was written [...]

Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough Helps Women Love Their Husbands and Their Lives

NEW YORK—December 5, 2017—Morgan James’ new relationship book release, Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough: How to Make Your Marriage Work and Love the Life You Have by Sharon Pope, helps women change their lives by finding true happiness in their marriages. It was written for [...]

Break Your Self-Help Addiction Helps Readers Find Personal Freedom

NEW YORK—November 21, 2017—Morgan James’ new book release, Break Your Self-Help Addiction: The 5 Keys to Total Personal Freedom by Brian D. Ridgway, helps people to finally make a major change in their lives. It was written for people who want to break free of [...]

Tamara Raymond Helps Young Adults Find the Perfect Future Career

NEW YORK—November 14, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career by Tamara S. Raymond, is included in the new Morgan James Mini division (small, pocket sized books that are all content, no fluff!) It helps readers to find the [...]

Widowed Helps Women Love Their Life Again

NEW YORK—November 11, 2017—Morgan James’ new book release, Widowed: Moving Through the Pain of Widowhood to Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Life Again by Joann Filomena, guides women through their pain and loss and helps them to see joy and purpose in their lives [...]

Cowboy Up Teaches Life Lessons Through Engaging Tales of Adventure

NEW YORK—November 11, 2017—Morgan James’ new self-help book release, Cowboy Up! Life Lessons from the Lazy B by H. Alan Day and Lynn Wiese Sneyd, teaches important lessons that can apply to anyone’s life through the experiences of a cowboy on a ranch. It is [...]

Story Selling Gives Valuable Insight Through the Art of Stories

NEW YORK—November 11, 2017—Morgan James’ new business book release, Story Selling: Sage Advice and Common Sense About Sales and Success by Harry Maziar, provides memorable advice that applies to sales and to life. It is particularly helpful for anyone interested in sales, but also contains [...]

Decoding Childhood Emotional Neglect Can Improve Relationships

NEW YORK—November 11, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, Running on Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships with Your Partner, Your Parents, and Your Children by Jonice Webb, helps readers to restore their relationships with the ones they love. It was written primarily for people who suffer [...]

Children Learn About Alzheimer’s and Dementia

NEW YORK—November 11, 2017—Morgan James’ new children’s book release, Grandma and Me: A Kids Guide for Alzheimer’s and Dementia by Beatrice Tauber Prior and Mary Ann Drummond, is a child-friendly guide to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It was written to help young children who are [...]

Lifestyle Millionaire Turns Passions into Wealthy Businesses

NEW YORK—October 24, 2017—Morgan James’ new business book release, Lifestyle Millionaire: How to Turn Your Passion into a $1,000,000 Business by Akira Iguchi, teaches readers how to create a successful business that is based upon their passion. It contains helpful advice for current business owners [...]

A Story Served Sunny Side Up

NEW YORK—October 24, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Chick Flick: A Novel by Noga Porat, presents the possibilities for young women to become heroes, and details the need to show more intelligent female heroes within both real life and fiction. Intended for women interested in the [...]

Success After Failure

NEW YORK—October 17, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, The Success of Failure: A Coming of Age Fable About Overcoming Failure Despite Ourselves by Mike Bensi, portrays success is possible despite ourselves as it appeals to current and aspiring managers and leaders, especially organizations with younger [...]

Lending a Hand: How Compassion Can Move Your Life Forward

NEW YORK—October 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Taking Your Place at the Table: The Art of Refusing to Be an Outsider by Joseph Bensmihen, guides readers into discovering their own potential to be an insider in any capacity. From the business world to the schoolyard, [...]

From Suicide to Healing and Hope

NEW YORK—October 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Stepping Up: Finding Healing for Your Life and Hope for the Future by Donalyn Powell, offers hope and encouragement to tweens, teens, and young adults contemplating suicide and engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Stepping Up contains letters to [...]

Don’t Climb the Mountain Alone: Making Employees Stick

NEW YORK—October 10, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Stack It Up!: Stop Losing Talent; Build the Next Level Together by Janeen Latini, is for leaders in small to midsized businesses ages 35-65 that want to retain their talented employees and take their organization to the levels [...]

Finding What You Want and Taking Charge

NEW YORK—October 3, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Art of Getting Everything: How to Negotiate for What You Want and More by Elizabeth Suarez, builds an argument for managing personal net worth and finding out useful tactics for building the life that many want years [...]

Creating the Leaders You Want and the Team That You Need

NEW YORK—October 3, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Sustained Leadership WBS: A Disciplined Project Approach to Building You and Your Team into Better Leaders by Thomas G. Reid, is a guidebook for leaders both growing and established on how to further improve their skills and identify [...]

Plan Like a Leader, Market With a Purpose

NEW YORK—October 3, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Get Smarter Marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Savvy Business by Jill Brennan, gives small businesses and new marketers the tools necessary to build up their brand and reap the benefits of a consistently successful [...]

Motherhood both Professional and Personal

NEW YORK—October 3, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, It’s Your Birth…Right?: A Guide for Professional Women to Calmly Transition to Motherhood by Cherie Pasion, is a pregnancy book that is uniquely mother-focused. A guidebook for professional women entering a new chapter of their lives, with the [...]

A Look into the Life of Motherhood and Jesus’ Love

NEW YORK—October 3, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Because Crack is Illegal: A 30-Day Devotional for Moms by Raema Mauriello, is a funny, personable collection of support and sanity for Christian women starting or experiencing motherhood.   Motherhood is an experience that is difficult to truly [...]

Unlocking Creativity as Artists Develop Their Craft

NEW YORK—September 26, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, The World Needs Your Art: Casual Magic to Unlock Your Creativity by Danielle E. Fournier, helps readers discover their inner creativity and unleash it for the world to see and admire. It encourages artists of any kind [...]

Asian-American Youth Learns Capitalism, Finance, and Business

NEW YORK—September 26, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, American Fathers: A Tale of Intrigue, Inspiration, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit by Ron Schutz with Laura Baker, is an inspirational tale about an Asian-American named Sasha who learns about capitalism, personal finance, and starting a business based [...]

Motivated to Care

NEW YORK—September 26, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, The Motivation to Actively Care by E. Scott Geller and Bob Veazie, teaches readers to be self-motivated and in others to actively care to ensure safety, health, and well-being. The Motivation to Actively Care, based on actual [...]

Dare to Believe Again Helps Readers Boldly Pursue Their Dreams

NEW YORK—September 19, 2017—Morgan James’ new Christian living book release, Dare to Believe Again: Boldly Live Out Your God-Given Dreams by Kathleen Hardaway, helps readers find the courage to pursue their lifelong dreams. It was written for adults who had a dream for their life, [...]

End the Co-Parenting War

NEW YORK— September 19, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules: Keep Your Sanity and Raise Happy Healthy Kids by Maureen Doyle, is a guidebook for single moms that find co-parenting with their ex to be a constant struggle. Maureen [...]

Love Letters for Leading Ladies Helps Women Excel in Leadership Roles

NEW YORK—September 19, 2017—Morgan James’ new Christian living book release, Love Letters for Leading Ladies: A 31 Day Inspirational Collection of Devotionals and Prayers for Ladies Who Lead by Jevonnah Ellison, gives inspiration to readers who hold leadership positions. It is primarily written for women [...]

What I Wish I’d Known Helps Readers Overcome Their Grief

NEW YORK—September 19, 2017—Morgan James’ new release, What I Wish I’d Known: Finding Your Way Through the Tunnel of Grief by Kristi Hugstad, helps people who are experiencing grief to find joy and peace. It was written primarily to help adults who have experienced a [...]

Beyond Powerful Empowers People Who Struggle With Chronic Illness

NEW YORK—September 19, 2017—Morgan James’ new health book release, Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness is Not Your Kryptonite by Lala Jackson, provides encouragement for readers who struggle with chronic illnesses. It was written to help people, especially women, who are suffering from an illness to [...]

Live Video Revolution Teaches Businesses How to Skyrocket Sales with New Technology

NEW YORK—September 12, 2017—Morgan James’ new marketing book release, Live Video Revolution: How to Get Massive Customer Engagement and Skyrocket Sales with Live Video by Joel Comm, shows businesses how to utilize the new technology trend of live video. It is for business owners who [...]

Same-Day Dental Solutions

NEW YORK—September 12, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Same Day Dentistry Revolution: The Path to a More Profitable, Efficient and Enjoyable Experience for You, Your Staff and Your Patients by Charles Cole, assures patients solutions the same day than “someday.” Aimed toward current and future [...]

Feminist Finally Escapes Trap

NEW YORK—September 12, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Strong Woman Trap: A Feminist Guide for Getting Your Life Back by Sasha Mobley, is an outlet for women ages twenty to sixty who have climbed “the ranks” yet feel discontent with their lives. Sasha Mobley takes [...]

How to Start an Empire

NEW YORK—August 15th, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Success Factor: Unconventional Wisdom for Small Business Success by Ernane Iung, weaves together a fun, informative commentary concerning the prudence of unconventional wisdom in business, for start-up entrepreneurs and new, fast growing companies.   The trouble with [...]

Pitstop May be Required

NEW YORK—August 15th, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Destination Success: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Journey by Sri Gaddam, produces a powerful collection of practices to inspire and motivate others to the success and personal engagement that they deserve, intended for educated men and women ages 25-55.   [...]

War in Jericho

NEW YORK—August 15, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Operation: Jericho by Jonathan Ball, takes the reader into the world of clandestine warfare, focusing on two Arab American brothers who face a formidable enemy in Afghanistan. It resembles Jericho in the book of Joshua as two [...]

Girl Becomes Queen

NEW YORK—August 15th, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Esther’s Grand Adventure by Alyssa Johnston, follows Esther on her journey to save her Jewish kin and introduces a new bedtime story for girls and boys ages 4-7. Esther’s Grand Adventure combines text and illustrations to portray [...]

When Third Gear Isn’t Enough

NEW YORK—August 8,, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, From Drift to Shift: How Change Brings True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life by Jody B. Miller, gives insight based in both transformational stories and techniques that can help people grasp what they want from [...]

Hello? God Speaking

NEW YORK—August 8, 2017—Morgan James’s new spiritual book, Call to Me, by Jeannine Moffitt is a prayer journal designed for men and women ages 18-108 to write their prayer requests and the answers. It gives readers a section to record the Scripture verses they read [...]

Public Speaking—With Style, Confidence, and Authority

NEW YORK—August 8, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Book on Public Speaking by Topher Morrison, outlines strategies and techniques to deliver a confident, engaging public presentation for business leaders over forty who must present information to employees, board of directors, and the public. The Book [...]

Say Yes

NEW YORK—July 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, One Small Yes: Small Decisions That Lead to Big Results by Misty Lown, teaches readers how to overcome fears and other obstacles that are holding them back from following their true calling in life. It was written to [...]

Breaking Through Barriers to Better Lives

NEW YORK—July 25, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Soul Sense: Your Breakthrough To Soul-Full Living and Leadership by Adrienne Arlen Duffy, is intended for audiences who want to engage in a commonsense approach to the mindfulness revolution, and how it can improve their professional and personal [...]


NEW YORK—July 18, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Silas Dillon of Cary County written by Clifford Schrage, follows vagrant adolescent Silas Dillon who is placed into a bureaucratic foster care system in Cary Island by his emotionally unstable birth mother. Refusing to place him in [...]

Aging Should Be Your Passion

NEW YORK—July 18, 2017—Morgan James’s new book release, Unwrapping Your Passion: Creating the Life You Truly Want by Karen Putz, equips readers with the mental training necessary to restore passion into their everyday lives. It was written as encouragement to older adults who find their [...]

Top 40 under 40 Financial Advisor Shares Success Strategies

NEW YORK—July 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, 7 Mindsets of Success: What You Really Need to Do to Achieve Rapid, Top-Level Success written by Sten Morgan, outlines seven psychological mindsets to achieve top-level success. Sten Morgan is a financial advisor who was recently named one [...]

Seven Steps to Dating You Didn’t Know

NEW YORK—July 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new relationship book, I Can't Believe I Dated Him: The Art of Knowing When to Break Up, When to Stay Single and When You've Met the One by Jackie Viramontez, outlines seven steps to help women ages 25-45 empower themselves [...]

International #1 Best Selling Author Illustrates Success Through Fact and Fiction

NEW YORK—July 4, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, The Way of the Quiet Warrior: 90 Days to the Life You Desire by Tom Dutta, International #1 Best Selling author, uses fictional anecdotes to illustrate concepts for success.   Personal development books can be cliché and redundant. [...]

IPS Buys NBN’s International Division and Gives Morgan James Deeper Distribution in the UK!

IPS Buys NBN's International Division and Gives Morgan James Deeper Distribution in the UK! Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) has acquired NBNi, the U.K.-based arm of the U.S. distributor National Book Network. Ingram Publisher Services has added to its international capabilities with the acquisition of National [...]

Reevaluating What It Means to Lead

NEW YORK—June 27, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Developing Leaders: Why Traditional Leadership Training Misses the Mark by Mary Hladio, is a resource for looking at the less effective leadership models of the past and restructures what it means to lead and how to follow effectively. [...]

What Can Your Mind Accomplish?

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release,The Mind Hack Recipe: 7 Proven Techniques to Hack Your Brain for Amazing Mind Powers by Jason Mangrum, is his collection of powerful techniques that provide manageable treatments for stress, pains from illness, and openness to new opportunity. The [...]

Take the Complexity Out of Retirement

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Ready to Pull the Retirement Trigger? Your Strategic Guide to Retire with Confidence by Mary Sterk, shows those approaching retirement age how to retire with confidence and comfortably enjoy the rest of life.   There are many issues facing [...]

God of Hope and Forgiveness

NEW YORK—June 20, 2017—Morgan James’s new release, Mitigating Circumstances: A Detective’s Stories of Forgiveness and the Fruit of God’s Loveby Brian D. Baker,contains real detective stories that also present examples of God’s love and forgiveness in the penal system to be read by criminal offenders, [...]