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London Calling!

Morgan James London: Expanding Representation & Distribution

Morgan James Publishing would like to announce the opening of our new London office on St Martin’s le Grand. Situated in the heart of London’s financial district, two blocks east of the London Stock Exchange, the office will serve as the headquarters for Morgan James throughout the UK. We are looking forward to discovering and collaborating with all the wonderful English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish entrepreneurial authors whose cultures have made amazing contributions to the publishing industry with their rich literary history.

Morgan James would also like to announce greater distribution throughout the UK, thanks to a recent partnership agreement within the IPS Global distribution network. This new relationship will allow us to use long-established distribution channels utilized by over 200 mainstream publishers throughout the UK, resulting in greater efficiency, value and representation for Morgan James Publishing.

Lastly, to fulfill our goal of creating valuable, mutually beneficial relationships, we would like to introduce our newest team member in London. This is a big deal for us as we have been wanting, and waiting, for the right timing and the right people since 2004 when we first established London as a future growth point for Morgan James, Tony Lynch.

Tony is an entrepreneur, who has an international business development coaching and training company called Keep Thinking Big. He has been featured in Inc in the ‘100 Great Leadership Speakers for your next Conference’ as well as being a TEDx speaker. Tony has spoken in many different countries as he works with business leaders to enhance their team engagement, performance, productivity and profitability.

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Meet Christine Handy of Walk Beside Me in North Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Handy, author of Walk Beside Me.

Christine, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. My story started after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and completed chemotherapy. It was then that I knew I needed to share my story and create a platform to reach a wider net of people to mentor, help and give hope to. I wrote and published my first novel called Walk Beside Me in 2016. Shortly thereafter, I published articles in the USA and in Europe on ‘Walking Through Cancer’.

I became a best selling author right after my book was published and subsequently became a radio personality on my platforms and also became a motivational speaker. I am also a Fox Radio News breast cancer early detection advocate. I travel on a national level to speak to wide audiences not just about my journey but also about the importance of walking through life with people that will carry you forward through the good, the bad and the in between. We truly are who we surround ourselves with and because of that we must choose wisely our friends and companions. My motto is always there is purpose in pain but it’s a choice to use it to help others. My book is now in its second publishing and I have another novel on the way.

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Writers, You Know You’re Procrastinating When

Writers, You Know You’re Procrastinating When…

I find it wildly amusing that I procrastinated on this blog. This blog about procrastination. I was going to start it in the morning, but then got caught up in some emails. My stomach started to growl and I knew I’d be much more efficient with food, so I left the house for a quick brunch. When I got back home my friend called from out of the country, so I just had to answer and make sure she tried out my favorite restaurant. Now, before I know it, it’s 3:30 pm and if it weren’t for those annoying deadlines, I’d most definitely put this off until next week.

They say ‘write what you know.’ If that’s the case, all writers should write about this. Procrastination is so common that it feels like a natural part of the writing process. Read on to determine if you’re procrastinating or simply seizing opportunities to be proactive in other areas. Or if you’re in the mood to have your toes stepped on.

Writers, You Know You’re Procrastinating When…

  • You Exercise. After not working out for months, you decide now’s the time to get back in the gym –right in the middle of a scheduled writing session. Unfortunately, it’ll take a while to renew your membership, get reacquainted with the staff, and to figure out all the equipment.
  • You eat. Again. You ate half an hour ago but as you sit there looking at the computer screen, you realize that you could really go for some cookies. Man, you don’t have any – looks like you’ll have to drive across town to get the ones you love.
  • You rearrange furniture. Your space has looked the same for years but for some reason, all the furniture in your living room feels wrong today. After an hour of playing interior designer, you’ve exhausted yourself from all the heavy lifting and need a break.
  • You start conversations. You’ve complained about your roommate talking your ear off, distracting you from work. But today, you knock on his door, pull up a chair, and ask him how that date went three weeks ago.
  • You check social media. You hop on Facebook – just to check a quick message – and an hour later you’ve learned WAY too much about an acquaintance from the 3rd grade. The good news is her husband is now back on his feet after losing such a good job with benefits and Jenny (her oldest) just got a band scholarship. “Like.”
  • You start spring-cleaning. Suddenly, the dust on top of your ceiling fan drives you mad. But in order to clean the top of the fan, you must be prepared to clean everything that falls under it. And that rug needs to be moved before you do it. In fact, it could use a good shampooing.
  • You make calls. After putting off that conversation with your grandmother, you decide it can’t wait a moment longer. While you’re at it, you might as well check in on Uncle Eddie and Aunt Karen (the talkers in the family).
  • You become an accountant. All of a sudden you have a burning desire to go through your receipts with a fine-tooth comb and categorize them according to date. No, wait… Item. No, wait… Amount. This is gonna take a while.
  • You organize. You start organizing random things that you didn’t even know needed it until now. Gmail inbox folders. Phone contacts. Paper clips. You’ll be able to work after everything is in order, whenever that perfect day comes.
  • You nitpick. You’re ready to work, but something isn’t right about your pen – it’s not writing the way you’d like it to. And your paper doesn’t really feel creative. You’d rather have a nice notebook for this project. Time to go to Staples for all the necessities (that you already have).
  • You create drama. There’s a little temptation to start mischief with your friends, significant other, or family member. You know what pushes their buttons and you’re suddenly in the button-pushing mood. “No Sarah, I didn’t say you have a bad haircut, I just said it wasn’t my personal favorite.”
  • You over-edit. You get so fixated on a certain word or phrase in your project that you spend half an hour deciding if you should use a dash or a semi-colon.
  • You go down the Internet hole. Now is also a great time to research the history of the semi-colon and to take an online survey that goes into detail about what your punctuation choice says about your personality.

Any of these sound familiar? Let me know if I’ve missed one!

David L. Hancock, Founder
Morgan James Publishing

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Hot New Releases for March 13th 2018

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Contributor(s): Anthony, Robert

Annotation: 30th Anniversary Edition! A common-sense approach to achieving success in one’s life. Offers workable, step-by-step methods and positive visualization techniques to help readers personalize goals, trust creativity, transcend old beliefs and limitations, and transform positive thinking into positive action.

Contributor: Prior, Pam

Annotation: If you kill your bookkeeper, who will write the bail check?

Are you paying good money for an accountant and bookkeeper, but still lack enough confidence in your company’s financials to answer critical money questions?

Do you sit up at night processing and reprocessing unresolved questions about how to keep your business on a solid financial footing or nurture it to the next level?

Do you feel like you’re flying blind and fast with your finances and have no sense of the terrain ahead?

Your First CFO is a step-by-step blueprint for using the tools and people you’ve already paid for to shine a spotlight on your business finances so they make sense to you.

Your First CFO will transform your current stress and uncertainty about bookkeepers, accounting, and finance into a foundation of steady confidence about the future of your business.

Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Contributor: Hampton, David B

Annotation: What happens when the miracle of sobriety shakes up the way we’ve trained the people in our lives to treat us as opposed to what we need from them now? Where do we turn when getting what we’ve prayed for messes up everything we thought we knew and believed? After the Miracle: Illusions On the Path To Restoration addresses the illusions we have as we begin to break the cycles in our lives and face the reality of what healthy living will really cost. David Hampton poses a realistic view of what the path will be to a new way of being for everyone concerned After the Miracle.

Contributor: Goggin, Linda

Annotation: Is waking up with fatigue, aches, and pains getting old for you?

Your lab-work is “normal”. Your doctors shrug their shoulders. And you?re left wondering where in the world your energy and vitality could possibly have gone, especially when you?re trying to ?do all the right things.? Dr. Linda Goggin invites you on a lively journey to Feel Good Again, because robust good health is your birthright and YOU deserve to feel fantastic!

Feel Good Again is an easy-to-read, information-packed guide on the road back to regaining your health, energy, and enthusiasm for life.

Contributor(s): Matlock, Duke (Author); Martin, Dave (Foreword by)


Get Up and Grow is about developing habits that foster personal and professional growth in four critical areas: spirituality, success, health, and margin. In six chapters, Get Up and Grow will enable you to shift your paradigm and create a culture of growth and investment in your life. By utilizing your mornings as opportunities for development, Get Up and Grow will change the way you view success and will create the space to see exponential growth.

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The Top Three Reasons My Office Rejects Submissions

So you got a rejection saying the submission isn’t right for us? That’s a typical decline, isn’t it? Frustrating, I know. But it’s typical because it’s so common. Let’s look at the top three reasons my office sends rejection letters.

  • The submission isn’t right for us. When you receive this letter, you may feel as though we blew off your work and chose a pig-in-a-poke excuse because we had to fill in a blank. But in fact, this is the number one reason we must decline many submissions. Why?

1. The author didn’t research to discover we don’t represent the category in question.

2. We don’t think the topic will find a place with the editors we know.

3. The author took a chance by thinking we might make an exception for him.

  • The market is too tight. Unfortunately, we must turn down many excellent submissions that at other times, we might have been able to accept. We must consider our knowledge and understanding of the current market when evaluating any and all proposals. And though this may seem unfair to the talented author, one major reason to engage a literary agent in the first place is for her knowledge of the current market. Besides, you may meet a different agent who knows three editors looking for a book on The Breath Mint and Garlic Diet. If that’s your book, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to work with an agent who knows those editors?
  • We just didn’t like it. You can shout “That’s not fair!!!” from the rooftops and we’d agree. This is the most unfair reason to send a decline. And this is why we try not to admit this in our declines. But look at it this way, do you want your agent to be so lethargic about your work that he says to editors, “You don’t want to buy this, do you?” And since there are A LOT of agents, another agent – one who loves your work and is eager to represent you – is a better fit. That agent may even be a different agent in the same agency.

So there you have it, the reasons we must reject some manuscripts. There are other reasons, but these tend to be the most common.

Source: The Top Three Reasons My Office Rejects Submissions

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Hot New Releases for March 6th 2018

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Contributor(s): Stafford, Paula Brown (Author); Grimes, Lisa T (Author)McGovern, Gail (Foreword by)

Annotation: Remember Who You Are provides an authentic look at key concepts today’s career women can benefit from and put into action immediately–it’s virtual mentoring.

Contributor: Aaker, David

Annotation: Stories are orders of magnitude which are more effective than facts at achieving attention, persuading, being remembered, and inspiring involvement. Signature stories–intriguing, authentic, and involving narratives–apply the power of stories to communicate a strategic message. Marketing professionals, coping with the digital revolution and the need to have their strategic message heard internally and externally, are realizing that a digital strategy revolves around content and that content is stories.

Creating Signature Stories shows organizations how to introduce storytelling into their strategic messaging, and guides organizations to find, or even create, signature stories and leverage them over time. With case studies built into every chapter, organizations will realize the power of storytelling to energize readers, gain visibility, persuade audiences, and inspire action.

Contributor(s): Stiles, Corey (Author); Delisi, Rick (Foreword by)

Annotation: Grief Interrupted shows grieving parents the possibility of being happy again after the death of a child.

Contributor: Andrews, Shawn

Annotation: The Power of Perception explains the perceptions that prevent more women from leading global businesses, and includes strategies to counteract these perceptions for women, men, and organizations.

Imprint: Morgan James Fiction

Contributor: Coning, D J

Annotation: The Lost Astronaut features themes of resilience and integrity through a futuristic story of a young astronaut who must find the will to forgive to save Earth.

Contributor(s): Shamas, Victor (Author); Maker, June (Foreword by)

Annotation: Deep Creativity reveals the findings of Victor Shamas’ 30-year exploration of the creative process. Rather than observing creativity in others, he delved into the experience directly in order to uncover hidden truths and break free of common misconceptions. Deep Creativity turns fundamental assumptions about creativity on their head while offering fresh perspectives on the scientific method, fractals, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, plate tectonics, mind and consciousness, hero myths, the life cycle, sleep and dreams, mothers’ intuition, the nature of wisdom, peak experiences, and even the Gospels. Written from a research psychologist’s perspective, Deep Creativity portrays the creative experience as a bold adventure filled with passion, turmoil, inspiration, sacrifice, sheer joy, self-transcendence, and unconditional love.

Contributor: Albert, Bobby

Annotation: If you’re like most leaders, your hard work isn’t translating into the results you desire. Maybe trying harder is not the solution.

What if you could achieve more than you ever thought possible -by changing your approach to leadership?

Former CEO and serial entrepreneur Bobby Albert has lived, learned and taught leadership – for decades. In Principled Profits, Bobby reveals the Paradox of Effective Leadership that transformed his leadership and catapulted his organization to unprecedented success. The proven principles laid out in this book provide a road-map for any leader who is willing to step out and lead in a bold new way. Once you learn how to tap the passion and knowledge residing in your team, you too, will be positioned for extraordinary growth.

Bobby Albert offers the eager leader a proven path to growth and significance.

Contributor: Stackelhouse, Tami


Feel Better, Change Lives, and Find Your Best Job Ever!

Looking for a fibromyalgia-friendly career that will help you feel better instead of worse? Could your job be keeping you from you getting better? Do you feel like you aren’t ready to file for disability, but can’t keep up at work either?

In her second book, The Fibromyalgia Coach, Tami Stackelhouse tells the story of her lifelong search for the perfect career. A fibromyalgia patient herself, the author credits becoming a Fibromyalgia Coach with helping her stay focused on feeling better when it would have been easy to give up. She says, “Healing is a full-time job.”

The Fibromyalgia Coach will guide you into finding your best job ever – a career that will help you feel better while making a difference in the world around you! What if you aren’t losing your mind and can manage brain fog symptoms simply?

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10 Writer Roadblocks (You’re Not Alone)

10 Writer Roadblocks (You’re Not Alone)

You’re a solution-oriented person. While there’s not always a perfect answer for every situation, you know there’s a Rolodex of tools at your disposal to help eliminate any mountain in your path – or at the very least, to climb over it. But no matter how positive of a person you may be or how much of a cheerleader you are to your friends, everyone has those days when they can’t stomach the motivational, “keep your chin up” mentality. We know it’s right, we know it’s helpful, but unless we’re in the right frame of mind to have our chin lifted, it’s unwarranted, annoying chatter.

Sometimes we just need to know we’re not alone. Because writers lead such solitary work lives, the biggest comfort might not always come from a glossy solution but from taking solace in knowing that the roadblocks, feelings, and frustrations we’re going through have been experienced before.

So in the spirit of community, here are ten writer roadblocks that all scribes can relate to, with the solution being the relating itself.

#1 Procrastination

No matter how talented, successful, or motivated an artist may be, he or she has experienced procrastination. You know you’re procrastinating when you end up doing tasks that have been on your to do list for months: organizing files, cleaning out junk drawers, getting a jump start on taxes…

Disciplined writers have learned to identify this trap and fight their way through it but rest assured, you’re not the only one who decided that instead of writing, now would be a great time to update your Christmas card list (in June).

#2 Deadline Anxiety

Nothing puts a weight on creativity like a ticking clock. “Could you create a fantastical world, unique characters, and a compelling conflict? Oh, and could you have that turned in by 5pm EST?”

Writers who have been in the game for a while have the luxury of knowing that they always get it done – that’s been their experience. But the anxiety of how the project will be completed often remains a mystery – even for seasoned pros.

#3 Falling Out of Love

You’ve invested countless time and energy on a current project. The light at the end of the tunnel is shining. You know if you just roll up your sleeves and work a little longer you’ll reach the story’s finish line. But something happens around this time. You start to daydream about other stories and brainstorm about other characters. You come to the realization that you’re just not excited to tell this story anymore.

Maybe you’ve changed. Maybe your story’s changed. Whatever it is, you’re ready to move on to the next project before you’ve completed this one. Then the age-old question becomes, “to scrap, or not to scrap?”

#4 Distractions

It’s your big writing day and the whole project is mapped out. This is the day you’re going to dive in and only come up for food and water. It’s a crucial time for your project and the pressure is on to be wildly productive. Then, as if the universe is testing you, here comes the parade of distractions.

Your friend goes through a breakup and needs to talk. The Internet goes down.  Judging by the noise outside, there seems to be an episode of “Cops” happening in your neighborhood. Whatever the case, everything that hasn’t needed attention for months is suddenly screaming at you on this day.

#5 Odd Hours

Those who have the luxury of setting their own hours know that this freedom is a blessing and a curse. As hard as you’ll try to keep a set schedule, any artist knows that when inspiration strikes, you better be ready.

A creative streak will inevitably come that’s thrilling from start to finish – unfortunately it ends around 4am. Then, before you know it, you’re not sure if what you just ate was breakfast or lunch. Your hours are way off and as much as you want to feel like an adult with an “early to rise” attitude, you’ve now experienced the calm that only 2am provides and are secretly looking forward to your next “after hours” writing streak.

#6 Rejection

Possibly the worst part of being a writer, rejection is something we must all learn to deal with. And while we learn to handle it better and better each time, it doesn’t mean the feeling of rejection gets easier.

Nothing can take the wind out of our sails faster than when someone doesn’t “get” the project that makes us feel so darn alive. How can they not appreciate that funny twist at the end? How do they not feel compassion for my protagonist? A great deal of work goes into creating these worlds so when someone rejects them – for whatever reason – it stings. And it happens to the very, very best of us.

#7 Behind on Life

You’ve had the opportunity to dive into your project for a few days or weeks and feel extremely accomplished. You come up for air, excited to see daylight and friends again, then get hit with a pile of mail, messages, and mundane grown-up tasks. These are usually manageable and only slightly annoying when they’re spread out, but all together they feel like punishment for your creative vacation.

Showering and washing the t-shirt you’ve stayed in for the past three days is a start, but now you have to buy groceries, get an oil change, and be placed on a “brief hold” with some kind of insurance company for half an hour. Welcome back to society.

#8 Killing Babies

You’ve gotten feedback on your book from respected colleagues and to your dismay, one of your favorite things in the story needs to be taken out. You were so proud of that moment! In fact, it was one of your favorite parts in the entire story.

That moment, joke, or character perfectly captured your voice and represents what you’re trying to do in storytelling. Why must you take it out? Because a handful of trusted people are having the same experience with it and at the end of the day, your story is for your reader, not you. The harsh reality is that while your moment is wonderful, it takes away from the overall story and you must kill your darling.

#9 Clueless

You’ve been so excited about this project. You’ve raved about it to your friends and colleagues. You feel like the timing is perfect for the world to hear this tale and your voice and skills have effortlessly poured onto the page. Finally, your talent is being utilized in every way possible!

After all your edits, you sit down to enjoy this story as a finished product when a panic starts to bubble up inside…  You have no earthly idea if it’s any good. You’ve spent so much time rewriting, cutting, and crafting moments that it’s impossible for you to see it with fresh eyes. All you can do is now is hope and pray your efforts weren’t in vain.

#10 It’s Already Been Done

You’re just bursting at the seams to share the idea you’re working on. It’s universal with a creative twist, and has riveting characters to follow along through the journey. You’ve devoted every waking hour toward crafting this world when an article in the Hollywood Reporter comes out. It’s your story! Except it’s not.

Someone else, with a lot of money, is making the same thing. Their story is so similar to yours that you begin to wonder if your phone was tapped. Every writer knows (and fears) that these things happen all the time. Now every time you tell someone what you’re working on, they say, “Oh, your story is like Stephen King’s story!” And you say in a bitter tone, “No… His story is like mine.”

Like any relationship, writing has its ups and downs – why not be transparent about all our experiences? When you are ready for a little solution-oriented positivity and want to rekindle that flame with writing, try these 5 Ways To Fall In Love With Writing Again.

David L. Hancock,
Founder, Morgan James

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Hot New Releases for February 27th 2018

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Contributor(s): Blanchard, Sara (Author); Achor, Shawn (Foreword by)

Annotation: Motherhood doesn’t have to mean losing yourself…

Most moms are grateful they make the choice to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), but after a couple of years, they may feel like they’re losing their mind. The alternative is going back to work, but that doesn’t seem right either.

Flex mom is for mothers who want a third model of motherhood, somewhere between stay-at-home mom and working mom. This third way is to be the primary caregiver for their children while deliberately creating a path that fuels their passions – leaving them fulfilled and confident.

Described as a melting pot of positive psychology and coaching, with the humor and honesty of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, Flex Mom helps moms make the fleeting childrearing years their best yet.

Contributor(s): Padilla, Don (Author); Singh, Shkira (Author)

Annotation: This book is for any athlete or business owners wanting a better future.

Contributor: Remack, Paul

Annotation: Personal wealth isn’t the only purpose of hard work and investment; it’s also important to be able to pass wealth on to one’s children and grandchildren. Wealth transfer and distribution is a game, and if played poorly–or if it is not realized a game is being played–one’s fortune can be eaten away by a combination of poor investments and unfair taxation. Written by a financial advisor with decades of experience, Playing the Game prepares people for the game of Wealth Transfer and Distribution, enabling them to pass on their fortune intact so that future generations may enjoy it.

Contributor: Allcock, John

Annotation: 40 Things I Wish I’d Told My Kids is about being a successful human being and living a happier, more meaningful life. It contains the important things parents wish they had been able to teach their kids, but couldn’t — because they never learned them, or only learned them later in life. These include:

  • Don’t be ruled by the tyranny of events
  • The belief that happiness comes from getting what we want is false
  • Pain is unavoidable; suffering is optional
  • We live in a sea of uncertainty — but we already know how to swim
  • Don’t treat the present moment like it’s a shabby motel room
  • 40 Things I Wish I’d Told My Kids brings mindfulness to the widest possible audience — by presenting it not as special and exotic, but as practical, simple, down-to-Earth principles for living that every parent wants their kids to know.

Contributor(s): Greenberg, Brian (Author); Colston, Marques (Foreword by)

Annotation: A remarkable guide to online marketing solutions that will help business owners and entrepreneurs build their company, enhance their brand, grow their bottom line, and generate returns, even while they sleep.

Contributor: Desmarais, Jeremiah D

Annotation: 201 Cutting edge tips, ideas and secrets to sell more insurance and financial services using the internet.

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Morgan James Radio Episode 23: Turning Fear into Strength with Akshay Nanavati

Morgan James Radio Episode 23: Turning Fear into Strength with Akshay Nanavati

Akshay knows Fear.

After years of studying the neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality of fear, Akshat Nanavati has discovered the value of fear in your life.

Fear can create enlightenment in your life.  Struggle and doubts can help propel you to a more powerful life.

Akshay calls it Fearvana.

Join us as we talk with Akshay about fear and his book Fearvana. This is not your ordinary self-help book.

Morgan James Radio Episode 23: Turning Fear into Strength with Akshay Nanavati 2018-02-26T17:14:23+00:00

Weddings by the Glass Publishers Weekly Review

In his debut novel, Rubenstein, a rabbi of 40 years who has officiated over 3,000 weddings, interweaves Jewish culture, tradition, and practical advice in a light, sentimental love story. Hilary “Hillie” Gordon and Jay Jaworski’s engagement is clouded by Jay’s mother, who does not approve of the 30-somethings’ interfaith relationship. Hillie’s family is Catholic, Jay’s is Jewish, and neither feels strongly about religion, but they both care about tradition. The likable Rabbi Sam Glassman patiently helps the young couple handle this hurdle and other logistical wedding details, drawing on his experience and unique perspective. There is a sense of nostalgia and sweetness reflected in Hillie and Jay’s relationship. The descriptions lack sensuality and are flat at times, and the flow is interrupted and the book’s message is diluted by lists of what a wedding planner does and the information about venues featured in the story, but Rabbi Glassman’s warmth and blend of modern and traditional wisdom are clear. The importance of love, faith, and flexibility is foregrounded in this pleasant mix of wedding guide and love story.

Source: PW Review

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