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Hot New Releases for June 20th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

View from the Top: Living a Life of Significance


Contributor: Walker, Aaron

Annotation: One man’s inspirational journey from humble beginnings to a life of significance.




Mitigating Circumstances: A Detective’s Stories of Forgiveness and the Fruit of God’s Love


Contributor: Baker, Brian D

Annotation: The dramatic, real-life stories of how God used a private detective to minister to hardened, hopeless criminal offenders.




Master Your Message: The Guide to Finding Your Voice in Any Situation


Contributor: Ross, Vernon

Annotation: Many people have been in those awkward situations in which they’re the center of attention with no idea what to say or how to say it. Vernon shares on how he, Chris Brogan, and Patrice Washington were able to overcome the challenges to finding their voices and delivering masterful messages. No matter if someone is on stage, behind the microphone, on a podcast, or sitting in front of a camera, they will learn key strategies to keeping their cool and finding their voice in Master Your Message.




Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1


Contributor: Catalano, Gina

Annotation: Lead your business to greater success with less work and less stress!




Hot New Releases for June 13th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

All Inclusive Diet: Finding Balance & Keeping the Weight Off


Contributor(s): Simpson, Kris J

Annotation: Diets don’t work. People can’t keep the weight off. Many invest billions of dollars into the weight-loss industry, but are not getting the pay-back in pounds that people are able to keep off. The programs don’t work and never have, because they only focus on taking the weight off for now. They set many up for failure with rigid, restrictive and unrealistic weight loss programs that offer a quick fix, but let’s face it, they aren’t sustainable. Enter Kris J. Simpson and his All Inclusive approach to keeping the weight off. All Inclusive Diet is about finding the balance and keeping the weight off. If you have taken weight off in the past only to put it back on again, All Inclusive Diet will teach you how to keep it off forever.




Book Blueprint: How Any Entrepreneur Can Write an Awesome Book


Contributor: Pretty, Jacqui

Annotation: With the availability of self-publishing services and the rise of the entrepreneur as a thought leader, writing a book is becoming more appealing to an increasing number of small business owners. The problem? Most small business owners aren’t writers, have never written a book before, are time poor and don’t know where to start. While many want to write a book, they worry about investing months of their time and thousands of their dollars to write something that isn’t any good, or to not even finish. Book Blueprint gives a step-by-step framework that any entrepreneur can follow to write a great book quickly, even if they’re not a writer.




Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients


Contributor: Heyward, Lee

Annotation: Do you have a thriving business, but have a sneaking suspicion you may be missing out on potential opportunities? The way people present themselves is a secret sales weapon. It gives them an edge within their industry. And all they have to do to activate that edge is change their clothes. Strategically Suited helps readers discover how to grow their business. They’re also going to look and feel better. More importantly, they’ll be able to apply what they’ve learned to make more money, so that they can make a bigger impact on the world, spend more time with the people they love, and be able to do what they’ve been put on this earth to do. You may be successful and have listened when people talked about dressing for success, but you may wonder how you can take your business to the next level, increase sales, get new clients, and land any opportunity that comes your way – Strategically Suited has those answers. A longtime image and sales strategist, Lee Heyward knows that when you up-level your look, you’ll feel great, have more fun, and close more business. Open up and get started!




Our Peaceful Planet: Healing Ourselves and Our World for a Sustainable Future


Contributor: Davar, Yasmin

Annotation: Our Peaceful Planet contains extraordinary ideas that have the power to transform lives and the planet. It is unique because it provides a practical healing framework for the whole world, starting at how people can change the beliefs that cause them to be destructive in their own lives and in their own world, to the actions that they can take to create global peace and environmental and economic sustainability. As each part of their world – their beliefs, their governance, their environment, their industries and their economy – dynamically interacts, Our Peaceful Planet provides a complete solution by considering all of those interactions in totality. It contains big ideas for world leaders and little ideas for everyday people, because everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others, and to the world. Our Peaceful Planet is a blueprint for the future in which everyone can play a role.




Hot New Releases for June 6th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World


Contributor(s): Brunson, Russell (Author); Kiyosaki, Robert (Foreword by)

Annotation: Expert Secrets helps people find their message and then create a mass movement of people who will pay them for that advice.




The Premed Playbook Guide to the Medical School Interview: Be Prepared, Perform Well, Get Accepted


Contributor: Gray, Ryan

Annotation: A comprehensive guide to successfully prepare premed students for their medical school interview.




I Just Want Out: Seven Careful Steps to Leaving Your Emotionally Abusive Husband


Contributor: Schuelke, Jodi

Annotation: No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to leave your abusive spouse. Have you ever wished you had the perfect guidebook that would give you step-by-step information to help you carefully plan a swift and safe departure from your emotionally abusive spouse and help you prepare for getting a divorce – at the same time? Here it is! In I Just Want Out, Jodi Schuelke combines detailed practical information with her personal experiences and the lessons she learned from strategically planning her exit (along with her children) from her emotionally abusive first marriage. I Just Want Out expands on the information found in such books as Stop Walking on Eggshells and Splitting, by providing pre-departure and pre-divorce planning and details about what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why it’s important. Jodi will support you and travel beside you on your journey to freedom using her practical seven-step FREEDOM Framework process.




Shift the Narrative: A Blind Man’s Vision for Rewriting the Stories That Limit Us


Contributor: Redenbaugh, Russell

Annotation: Shift is a blind man’s vision of how he changed his life narrative from the impossible to the economically probable and in the process, moved from welfare to wealth. Blind from the age of 16, Russell Redenbaugh’s achievement as a successful investor and economist, a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission serving under three US Presidents and a black belt, three time gold medal jiu-jitsu world champion fighting sighted opponents, prove that if he can, anyone can. Most people think that their circumstances produce their narratives, but Russell shows it is their narratives that produce their circumstances. If you change your story, you change your future. Through a set of actions and behaviors, Russell demonstrates how anyone can “Shift Your Narrative” to produce more of what they care about in their personal life, career and money matters, starting today.




Morgan James Radio Episode 017: Changing Lives by Sharing Your Story with Cortney Donelson

Morgan James Radio Episode 017: Changing Lives by Sharing Your Story With Cortney Donelson.


Today’s episode is all about changing lives by sharing your story.



Today we have another special guest with us. Another Morgan James author, Cortney Donelson. Cortney Donelson shares her deeply personal story in the book Clay Jar, Cracked. Cortney takes a situation that would break most people and uses it to change lives and help other people.


Listen in and hear why we have such a great team and why we have so much fun!

Hot New Releases for May 30th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Crazy Life: Navigating Through Life as Disruptions Without Losing Your Faith


Imprint: Morgan James FAITH

Contributor: Nelson, Tony L

Annotation: An out-of-the-box look at God’s very deliberate hand in the craziness of our lives.




Allergy Free with Dr. Z: Understanding Allergies, Asthma, and Much, Much More


Imprint: Morgan James minis

Contributor: Zwetchkenbaum, John F

Annotation: A book for people with allergies written by a leading allergist.




Hot New Releases for May 23rd 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Signs of a Happy Baby: The Baby Sign Language Book

Contributor(s): White, William Paul (Author); Harper, Kathleen Ann (Author)

Annotation: A guide for parents on how to tell what their baby is saying before their baby can verbally speak.



Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS: The Art of Losing Weight, Healing Your Body, and Soothing Your Multiple Sclerosis

Contributor: Hanson, Andrea Wildenthal

Annotation: Make your own rules for weight loss instead of breaking someone else’s! Losing weight doesn’t have to mean sacrificing happiness-especially when you want to do what’s best for your body and your MS. If you’re ready to make your health a top priority and find your individual answer to healing your body then Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS is an essential piece of the puzzle. Losing weight is a known solution to slowing multiple sclerosis progression and making symptoms more manageable. But diets can be very complex and restrictive, leaving people to feel lacking and like they’re failing at staying healthy. The good news is losing weight doesn’t have to be like that. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, Hanson found the key to lasting lifestyle change is making personally meaningful decisions. Building on books like Terry Wahls’ The Wahls Protocol, and other MS diet books, Hanson moves beyond intense diets and regimens to help her readers create a new way of eating that is sustainable and customizable.



Faith to Foster: An All-American Story of Loving the Least of These

Contributor(s): Menn, T J (Author); Menn, Jenn (Author)

Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Annotation: TJ and Jenn Menn are the leading voice of American evangelical foster parents–as evidenced by their appearances on Focus on the Family, Family Life, Cornerstone, HLN, The Gospel Coalition, Washington Post, American Family Radio, Moody Radio Network and many more.

Hot New Releases for May 16th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Lights, Camera, Lions: Memoirs of a Real-Life Dr. Doolittle


Contributor: Wells, Hubert Geza

Annotation: Memoirs of a Hungarian animal lover who defects to America during the communist era and makes a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s preeminent animal trainers.




Manifest $10,000: Learn How to Manifest 10,000 by Using the Law of Attraction and Improving Your Money Mindset


Contributor: Parks, Cassie

Annotation: What would you do with an extra $10,000 whenever you needed it?




Lead Like a Superhero: What Pop Culture Icons Can Teach Us about Impactful Leadership


Contributor: Richard, Sebastien

Annotation: An unconventional approach to leadership, perfectly tailored for the next generation!




Waking Up Grey: An Exploration of Creative Awakening


Contributor: Schut, Jennie (Author)

Annotation: Waking Up Grey offers readers ways to reconnect with their God-given capacity to create. Join others in an intimate journey of rediscovery. Experience how God has wired many to participate in and enjoy the creative process. Readers include professional artists desiring more fullness, those pondering the question of their creative existence, and everyone in between. Waking Up Grey be read as part of group study or individually.




Hot New Releases for May 9th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy


Contributor(s): Rasmussen, Sue

Annotation: Are you ready to give up overwhelm and stress and become more successful?



Cult Shock


Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Contributor: Stengler Jr, Mark (Author)

Annotation: The one resource that helps Christians go from fear to fearless when encountering Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons at their doorstep.



Morgan James Publishing Launches New Author Portal

Rolling out over the summer and expected to be fully live by the Fall, Morgan James Publishing is launching The Morgan James Author Portal, a new portal for authors and agents to access contract data, key points of contact, miscellaneous documents and monthly royalty statements. Among the features of the portal are the ability to effectively communicate changes or updates on the side of the authors to the publisher, such as contact info and the publisher to the authors and agents communications and updates on each title.

The Author Portal, a product of MetaComet Systems, was created to help publishers and authors collaborate to generate more revenue and recognition for their work.

Our great relationships revolve around the communication and service we provide to our authors. Now we can do it with more of a personal touch using the most cutting edge digital tools available. Morgan James is excited to bring these relationships into the 21st century with The Author Portal.

Authors will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of the Author Portal by providing them a convenient location to store all their important documents, as well as digital access to royalty statements. New authors will be added immediately while current authors will be rolled out over the summer.

With The Author Portal, facilitate your communications with your publisher, making everyone more efficient and relaxed. You now have a central repository for your royalty statements, your contracts and amendments, your rights agreements, your manuscripts, etc. The Author Portal gives you the tools you need to collaborate effectively.

Never worry about your important publishing documents again. All your contracts, manuscripts and statements are stored in a secure data center in the cloud, backed up regularly and protected with the latest security. No more file cabinets or files scattered in many places.

The Morgan James Author Portal, current, consistent, relevant and available anywhere you need it. If you’ve received your invite you can click below to got there.


(Image courtesy of MetaComet Systems Inc)

Hot New Releases for May 2nd 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Rise and Hustle: Transform Your Life Physically, Personally, and Spiritually in Just 90 Seconds a Day


Contributor: Whitfield, Mike

Annotation: Transform your life physically, personally and spiritually in just 90 seconds a day.

Revolutionize Your Corporate Life: A Simple Guide to Leadership, Balance, and Success in Your Business


Contributor: Caruso, Peggy

Annotation: This is another book in the trademarked “Revolutionize” series, which targets the corporate and executive segment of our society and offers valuable tools and advice on achieving personal and professional excellence. Revolutionize Your Corporate Life is divided into ten unique chapters, each addressing an important topic to achieve the healthy balance between your personal and corporate environment. This is not your typical corporate ‘self-help’ publication. It offers other topics to improve broad aspects of your life, which can be incorporated into your business and management world. Using the tools outlined in Revolutionize Your Corporate Life you can effectively manage time and stress, which will allow you to be more effective and propel your business to new heights.

Teacher’s Field Guide: 7 Truths about Teaching to Help You Start Off Strong, Avoid Burnout, and Stay in Love with Teaching


Contributor(s): Hemms, Kerry (Author); White, Graham (With)

Annotation: The number one solution to the global teacher retention crisis.

When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments Into Your Greatest Gifts


Contributor: Coken, Jennifer

Annotation: The mission of When I Die, Take my Panties is a much needed wake-up call for women over 40 to start listening to their bodies and catch ovarian cancer early on. But it isn’t just about cancer. It is a reminder of the personal transformation that comes from tragedy and what can be learned along the way. Death forces us to face a harsh reality: So often we want to control life – and the truth is we can’t. We must come to terms with people and situations as they are, not as we wish they were. When I Die, Take My Panties takes the reader through a journey of discovering the gifts in their own life as they learn how to appreciate what is right in front of them.

It’s Not about You, Mrs. Firecracker: A Love Letter about the True Meaning of the Fourth of July


Imprint: Morgan James KIDS

Contributor(s): Coffelt, Soraya Diase (Author); Sketches, unknown (Illustrator)

Annotation: The Fourth of July is a very special American holiday and celebration. Families and friends spend fun time together and at night, beautiful fireworks are displayed for everyone to enjoy. But what actually happened on that day that causes us to remember and celebrate it for many hundreds of years? This wonderfully illustrated children’s book explains what brave Americans did to declare their freedom and equality, and identifies who was the source of guidance through it all.