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Hot New Releases for October 17th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

The Success of Failure: A Coming of Age Fable about Overcoming Failure Despite Ourselves

Contributor: Bensi, Mike

Annotation: A coming of age fable of how leaders can overcome failure in spite of themselves.




Not Another Broke Athlete: A Simple and Straightforward Plan to Keep and Grow the Money You Earn

Contributor: Padilla, Don

Annotation: This book is for any athlete or business owners wanting a better future.




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“It’s Been Done” is Just an Excuse

There are no original ideas – that statement itself is unoriginal. Nothing will take the wind of out a writer’s sails faster than coming up with an idea– an idea that very well could be “the one,” only to discover a book, TV show, and movie with the exact same premise.

While you never want to copy or produce an identical product, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your idea to life and everything right with it. After all, storytelling is an art. Have you ever heard someone say, “Uh, I’ve already seen a painting with that shade of blue”?

Walk the Walk

There’s an improv exercise that goes a little something like this:

You form a line. The first person walks. The second person imitates the first person’s walk. The third person imitates the second person’s walk and so on. By the time you get to the tenth person it’s a completely different walk.

As in life, when we mimic others we look nothing like the person we’re mimicking. So if two writers have the same premise (by accident) their execution will likely be much different in tone, character, theme, and resolution.


Pick up a book you read ten years ago and see what registers today. Chances are your 35-year-old self absorbs a few things that your 20-year-old self skimmed right by.

Yes, your audience may have heard your message from someone else in some other time in some other place. But there are people who couldn’t process it at that time and their evolved brains are aching for what you have to say. Yes you. They are meant to hear it in the same way you’re meant to say it, which brings us to…

New Ears

Cartoons haven’t changed much – as far as story goes – so why are such unoriginal characters sweeping toy stores across the nation? What seems boring and overdone to is is fresh and hilarious to a child. That goofy monkey slipping over a banana peel is comedy gold!

The fundamentals will never die and they shouldn’t. The world and the people in it are constantly changing so old messages need new settings and new furry characters for new ears – only then can these messages be delivered at an optimal level.


Remember the game Telephone? Someone whispers a sentence in their neighbor’s ear, then that neighbor passes it along to their neighbor and off it goes. The last person in the circle tells everyone what was said to them and laughter ensues. Why? What that person says is usually nothing like what the first person said. This leads us toward two conclusions.

  1. We’re terrible listeners.
  2. We hear differently.

What we say and what people hear can be totally different. We’ll never completely know how our message is received so let’s stop assuming everyone thinks just like us. Hiding the message we want to say for fear of sounding trite could do our audience a complete disservice. One man’s Goodwill pile is another man’s treasure.

Your Thumbprint

Spiritual differences aside, most will agree that there are things in this world we cannot see, touch or explain. What if our impulses are larger than ourselves? If you have a creative urge and the need to share it, is it possible that it’s not for you? You’ve been hand-delivered a message and if you throw it away, the person it’s meant for will never receive it. What are we here to do again?

If we all spoke with the same voice and thought the same way our ideas would be just that – the same. But the only way your tribe can receive a message is through the very special way you communicate it. So don’t hold back. There are people, right now, who need to hear your unoriginal, original message.

David L. Hancock, Founder
Morgan James Publishing

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Hot New Releases for October 10th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness

Contributor: Nanavati, Akshay


“Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences and find the positive side of our lives.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Our entire lives we have been led to believe that fear, along with trauma and suffering are negative conditions to be avoided, which is why most of us become victim to their effects. It is this belief that has kept so many of us rooted into a life of mediocrity and left success, joy and fulfillment in the hands of a select few. Using psychology and neuroscience, this revolutionary book will shatter these myths and more about the human mind to reveal the tools to unlock the limitlessness of the human potential. It will show why we have no control over the internal forces that hold us back and how to regain that control by accessing one state of being that allows anyone to turn the impossible into possible.




Taking Your Place at the Table: The Art of Refusing to Be an Outsider

Contributor: Bensmihen, Joseph (JB)

Annotation: Taking Your Place at the Table is the first of its kind on the art of becoming an insider. It focuses closely on three topics: 1) getting to the table–moving from the outside to the inside; 2) using your insider status wisely once you get there; and 3) leaving the table gracefully when the time is right.

Joseph JB Bensmihen has fine-tuned the art of getting to the table–while becoming a millionaire and a highly successful business leader. He has given hundreds of talks at a wide range of venues, from Chautauqua Institute to Yeshiva University to Friendship Circle events. At age six, he talked his way into a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; since then he has met with three presidents, Vice President Pence, and many senators–and has advised multiple members of Congress.




Stack It Up!: Stop Losing Talent; Build the Next Level Together

Contributor: Latini, Janeen M

Annotation: Stack It Up! Stop Losing Talent; Build the Next Level Together speaks to leaders who are facing arguably the most expensive challenge in business today: retaining top talent. Turnover is a key concern for both CEOs and Chief Human Capital Officers. When talented staff leave, not only do intellectual capital, customer relationships, and experience walk out the door; but that turnover causes a huge financial drain on organizations. Put simply, retention is a bottom line issue.

Stack It Up! is for leaders who want to know how to fix the talent turnover drain. In a straight-forward, conversational style, Janeen M. Latini addresses the five key areas of focus that every CEO must examine to increase his/her organization’s retention.

Stack it Up! is for the leaders who know it will be so much better when the bleeding stops, the retention rate rises, staffing stabilizes, and the business can grow. You are correct. It WILL be better then. “Then,” however, starts now. “Better” starts now.




Stepping Up: Finding Healing for Your Life and Hope for the Future

Contributor(s): Powell, Donalyn (Author); Beam, Linda (Foreword by)

Annotation: Most cries of pain from teenagers are silent, and too often we only discover the true depth of their pain after suicide or other self-destructive behavior. In Stepping Up, teens speak openly about their struggles with suicide, depression, sex, drug addiction, pregnancy, abuse, bullying, and self-destructive behavior through their personal letters to author Donalyn Powell, a long-time youth and suicide-prevention advocate. To each letter, Powell offers personal and practical hope: even in the darkest situations, the pain will not last, and we are never alone. God has a purpose for each of us that we alone can fulfill, and it is God’s life in us that provides our reason for living, healing for our lives, and hope for the future.




The Marital Knot: Arranged Marriages, Love Marriages and the Ties That Bind

Contributor(s): Bhojani, Shabnamzehra

Annotation: What binds people together in marriage? The Marital Knot examines the differences between arranged marriages and love marriage and explores the ties that bind. It shares the story of one of Dr. Shabnamzehra Bhojani’s patients, Sarah, who enters into an arranged marriage after arriving in the US. Using Sarah’s story and her own experience with an arranged marriage as a catatlyst, Dr. Bhojani compares arranged marriages to love marriages. She presents a study of commitment, hate, anger, revenge, empathy, forgiveness, and mourning, including clinical examples every step of the way. The Marital Knot concludes with a discussion of empathy, forgiveness, and mourning: the necessary elements for maintaining commitment and repairing betrayals.

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Morgan James Radio Episode 019: Living A Life Of Significance

Today’s episode of Morgan James Radio is about living a life of significance.
Our special guest on this episode of Morgan James Radio is Aaron Walker.
Aaron Walker is devoted to helping people live a life of significance and enjoy a view from the top. Aaron shares his compelling journey from entrepreneur to author.
Hear stories of how a book can have an impact on individuals and an author may never meet. Aaron also shares how an unconventional podcast tour helped him build an audience before he wrote his book, A View From the Top.
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Hot New Releases for October 4th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Because Crack Is Illegal: A 30-Day Devotional for Moms


Contributor: Mauriello, Raema

Imprint: Morgan James FAITH

Annotation: A hilariously fresh and daily approach to the melee of motherhood, designed to draw moms closer to Jesus.

The Art of Getting Everything: How to Negotiate for What You Want and More


Contributor(s): Suarez, Elizabeth

Annotation: Get What You Want!

We go through life negotiating multiple times a day. However, very few of us have been taught the necessary skills to successfully manage every moment. Instead, we spend our waking life focusing on multiple things that might not help us reach our desired goals and experience restless nights still trying to solve issues from the day.

In The Art of Getting Everything, author Elizabeth Suarez equips the reader with the necessary tools to identify, endure, and achieve success in one’s personal and professional life. She guides the reader through real-life examples and highlights specific issues common to professional millennials and then constructs a path for achieving the easy wins.

Get Smarter Marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Savvy Business


Contributor(s): Brennan, Jill

Annotation: Taking the confusion out of marketing for small business owners.

It’s Your Birth…Right?: A Guide for Professional Women to Calmly Transition to Motherhood


Contributor: Pasion, Cherie

Annotation: Identity crisis, isolation, and extreme stress are often characteristics of new mothers. It doesn’t have to be this way. Cherie Pasion proactively tackles these issues in It’s Your Birth…Right and gives professional women a roadmap to emotionally prepare for a calm transition from their high-achieving role to being at home with a newborn.

Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Re-imagined


Contributor: Druck, Ken

Annotation: In Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined, Dr. Ken Druck uses examples from his life and work to free readers of the destructive and limiting myths, biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions of getting older. Dr. Druck shows how all people can make peace with, and find joy in, every stage of life. His practical and inspirational approach speaks to anyone who wants to redefine what it means to age and embrace the transition of a new decade in one’s life.

Sustained Leadership WBS: A Disciplined Project Approach to Building You and Your Team Into Better Leaders


Contributor(s): Reid, Thomas G

Annotation: The Sustained Leader WBS provides a comprehensive tool for assessing and improving leadership potential. A Work Breakdown Structure decomposes every part of the work to be done in a project. Through extensive research and surveys the author has identified 229 WBS elements that apply to building yourself into a sustained leader. Each element provides a self-assessment, additional resources, and a place to record personal goals and due dates giving each reader a personal program plan to build themselves into a better leader.

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Find, Define and Master Your Unique Voice

Find, Define and Master Your Unique Voice 

A new song plays on the radio. You’ve never heard it before but you know the artist immediately – there’s no mistaking that voice…

Writers who develop an undeniable voice reach another level of popularity. It’s not forced, it’s not selfish, it just is. The most well known figures – comedians, screenwriters, authors, actors, reality show personalities, memorable party guests – all have a voice. The kind of voice that conjures a comment like, “That’s totally something Karen would say!”

Great voices are infectious. Spend enough time with your buddy from Boston and pretty soon you’re off to “paaark ya wicked awesome caaar.” But how do you find your voice? What’s unique about your writing style and attitude? Here are some effective exercises to help not only find your voice, but to infuse that voice into a non-fiction book.


Here’s a scary truth: We all have a particular mannerism, quirk or pattern that’s nearly impossible for us to recognize. Embrace it.  Ask friends and family to impersonate you. A lot can come from this exercise if everyone stays good-natured.

Ask them to make a peanut butter sandwich as you. First, enjoy the impersonation –folks love the performance opportunity and it’s hilarious to watch. Then, jot down this comedy gold. Repeat this with as many loved ones as possible.

Did your friends make fun of your fidgety nature? Did they do everything big and loud? Did everyone add fifty extra ingredients to that sandwich? Now, my friend, you have something to work with.

Look at the spirit of the impersonations and translate them into a specific tone. For example:

Actions that are quirky, nervous = Fast-paced, witty dialogue that’s always correct.

Loud, offensive actions = Write bold. Inject your sick sense of humor when possible.

Boring, lifeless impersonations = Get in touch with your sarcastic, self-deprecating voice.

Your interpretations will be slightly different – find what translations resonate. During this process start to identify familiar public figures who have a similar style as yourself. Not to copy them, but to get inspired by their overall public image – The kind of photos they post, what they support (and don’t support) and how they answer interview questions. People become familiar to us when they’re consistent. And if they’re inconsistent, they’re consistently inconsistent.

Take the qualities you know are you and infuse that into the writing. You don’t have to know everything, but begin to develop what you do know about yourself. For example, “I would never say [blank].” And “I’ve said [blank] time and time again.”  


Standup is powerful because it only works with a strong POV. Comedy is the result of emotionally charged opinions unique to your personality and part of becoming a great standup (having a great voice) is defining what those opinions are. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Wanda Sykes, but if you can get out of your comfort zone… Take. A. Class.

Many standup classes (full of first timers like you, btw) ask students to make a list. This isn’t a vanilla list of likes and dislikes, it’s a list about what you love and hate written a fast as possible so your instincts come out.

Not only is this therapeutic, you’ll discover what you have in common with people. And then… you’ll find out what you do not. When there’s a burst of laughter at something you said and you don’t understand why it’s funny, you’ve just struck comedy gold.

“But I thought everyone was afraid of mustard.”


These classes are challenging to introverts but if you have an ounce of courage use it to jump in headfirst. Yes, you’re pretending to be other characters but your style of humor will shine through. Comedy can come in a variety of packages and the more you understand yours the stronger your writing will be.

Are you dry and sarcastic? Slapstick, jazz hands funny? Do you transform into other characters easily? Or is your humor from being terribly unfunny?

Morning Pages 

Inspired by Julia Cameron’s infamous, The Artist’s Way, boy oh boy do we have no idea what’s going to hit the page when our pen is ordered to keep moving. The big idea is this: As soon as you wake up, set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write without stopping. It doesn’t matter what you put down. You can write, “I don’t know what to write” until the next thought comes through. The only way to fail at this is if you stop writing before your alarm goes off.

Don’t censor yourself and see what comes out. After a few days or weeks go by, reflect on your pages and notice common themes. Do you come across angry? Poetic? Or are you always hungry?


After you’ve gained a clear understanding of your voice, here’s how to immediately infuse it into your work.

Voice Memos

If you voice record ideas, congratulations! There’s an extra tool in your belt.

When ideas flood in we feel inspired – there’s a state of discovery, energy of excitement. Don’t lose that in the transcription. Revisit the recording and make sure your creative energy is incorporated into the final draft. 

Read Aloud 

Read your writing aloud. See how it feels leaving your mouth. Is that how you normally speak? Does it feel too formal? Casual? Conversational? Funny? If your tone doesn’t match the book’s brand (your voice), it’s time to do a—

Character Pass

TV writers use a technique called “character pass” to make sure their characters have a distinct voice. The writer reads their entire script focusing on one character at a time. This ensures the character’s language is consistent and specific from top to bottom.

Do this exercise after the technical work is complete. You certainly don’t want to get distracted with how things sound as you’re developing the overall story – the icing doesn’t come before the cake. When the time comes, do a character pass in your book to make sure everything is consistently: funny, sarcastic, cheeky, conversational, formal, or professional – whatever you’re going for.

Artists don’t stop being artists when they close their laptop, it spills over into everything they do. If these exercises are done with a spirit of creativity and play, you can’t lose. Enjoy the process!

David L. Hancock, Founder
Morgan James Publishing

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Hot New Releases for September 26th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Microsoft Secrets: An Insider’s View of the Rocket Ride from Worst to First and Lessons Learned on the Journey


Contributor: Jaworski, Dave

Annotation: The first-ever recipient of Bill Gates Chairman’s Award of Excellence details the secrets that took Microsoft to the top of the computer industry and changed the world forever.




The World Needs Your Art: Casual Magic to Unlock Your Creativity


Contributor: Fournier, Danielle E

Annotation: The World Needs Your Art, and only you can make it.

Ever wondered why you just HAVE to make something, anything, or you will just burst? Artists are born, not made. And if you yearn to create, that makes you an artist, no matter your medium. Photography, painting, performance art, writing, singing, or fashion, all are forms of expression of the creative soul.

Often, creative people are not encouraged to pursue their heart’s desires by the world at large. They end up frustrated, depressed, or sad because they feel they cannot share their gifts with the world. They get blocked, give up too soon, or worse yet, fail to ever start what they yearn to make. And that’s a downright shame.

The World Needs Your Art is a friendly guide to unlocking unlimited creativity while developing your style and learning to never be blocked for very long again by tapping into that innate gift called imagination.




American Fathers: A Tale of Intrigue, Inspiration, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Contributor(s): Schutz, Ron (Author); Baker, Laura (With)

Annotation: American Fathers is an inspirational tale of Sasha, a young Asian-American, who finds his vision of a traditional family destroyed when his mother leaves, his father remarries, and he discovers he has a different biological father. Sasha’s biological father guides him as he learns about capitalism, personal finance, and starting a new business based on an innovative idea. Follow Sasha on his spiritual journey to find his own way among friends who are from different faiths. This fast-moving tale spins an unfolding mystery along with tools to reassure cash flow for businesses.

The Motivation to Actively Care

Contributor(s): Geller, E Scott (Author); Veazie, Bob (Author)

Annotation: This realistic narrative is a “page turner” that teaches readers how to inspire self-motivation in themselves and others to actively care on behalf of safety, health, and well being.

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Hot New Releases for September 19th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules: Keep Your Sanity and Raise Happy Healthy Kids

Contributor: Doyle, Maureen

Annotation: End the Co-Parenting War.

If you find co-parenting with your ex to be a constant struggle and it seems like he fights you every step of the way – sometimes just for sport, you are not alone. Are you worried that you cannot go on like this for the next 10-15 years and that your bank account will be empty from the legal costs? And are you concerned about your children’s mental and emotional health?

In When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules, Maureen Doyle combines client success stories with powerful coaching techniques that will change your post-divorce combat zone into a place of peace.

What I Wish I’d Known: Finding Your Way Through the Tunnel of Grief

Contributor: Hugstad, Kristi

Annotation: In What I Wish I’d Known: Finding Your Way through the Tunnel of Grief, Grief Recovery Specialist Kristi Hugstad shares how she reached a state of happiness and inner peace after her husband’s suicide–and how you can find your balance after a devastating life event too.

She provides readers with all the tools they will need for grief recovery which include self-care, how to change their thinking, and how to learn to trust again. She inspires many to move forward in their time of grief.

Dare to Believe Again: Boldly Live Out Your God-Given Dreams

Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Contributor: Hardaway, Kathleen

Annotation: Everyone has a dream, but far too many settle for the status quo. Death to a dream can cause death to the life you were possibly meant to live, but it’s never too late to begin again and dare to believe again. Be the person who doesn’t just dream dreams, but actually lives them. Dare to Believe Again will give you step-by-step guidelines for living an audacious, adventurous life when abandoned to God’s call. It also includes “The Dream Plan” guide, powerful life-changing stories, biblical instruction, and challenging questions; it is perfect for individuals or groups. Fan the embers of your dreams into a blazing fire of reality!

Love Letters for Leading Ladies: A 31 Day Inspirational Collection of Devotionals and Prayers for Ladies Who Lead

Imprint: Morgan James Faith/mini

Contributor(s): Ellison, Jevonnah

Annotation: Have you ever wished you had someone who “got you,” who truly understands when you feel alone and in a place of transition?

Or someone who is not judgmental, who understands what it is like to be a Leading Lady because she is a Leading Lady herself?

Jevonnah Ellison has been there.

She wants to help Leading Ladies know they’re not alone.

A Leading Lady is any woman in a leadership role – a boss, a Pastor’s wife, an entrepreneur, a President’s wife, a coach, a mom, a friend. She can be married; she can be single. The bottom line is that she is a leader. She is someone to whom others come for her knowledge, wisdom and advice.

This Leading Ladies Devotional will help you:

  • Understand why you were chosen for this assignment
  • Understand your divine call
  • Discover secrets and strategies for surviving as a Pastor’s wife!

Imagine how powerful it will be when you discover that the same God who was with you “then” is with you “now.”

Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite

Contributor: Jackson, Lala

Annotation: Achieve anything you want while living with chronic illness.

Are you frustrated by being constantly sidelined by your health? Do you feel like every time you dig into a project your chronic disease gets in the way? Do you worry that living with a chronic illness means you will never feel well enough to reach your goals?

In Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite by Lala Jackson weaves personal anecdotes of being an overachiever living with autoimmune disease with inspiring and entertaining stories of go-getters who use the super powers gained by life with chronic illness to reach massive goals.

If you are someone who lives with chronic health issues and are searching for a way to keep running toward exactly what you want to bring to the world then Beyond Powerful has the answers you need!

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6 Ways To Lose a Reader

6 Ways to Lose a Reader

It happened – the idea of the decade. There’s an electric buzz in the air– it’s a book for sure. You’ve been praying to the creative wizards for this blessing and boy, did they deliver.

After spilling every thought onto the page – which must happen or they’ll slip out the backdoor – it’s crucial to ask yourself one important question:


Who is this for? Who will this story inspire to think, feel, act, or escape? If there’s no immediate answer, the “who” is you.

There’s nothing wrong with writing for number one – on the flip side there’s everything right about it. Visionaries like Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, and Mark Twain poured their brilliance into a journal. Crimes occur when we throw a party, serve our guests food that only we like, and shove our vacation photos in their face – all 5,000.

Authors have a responsibility to take care of the reader. When they pick up your book they’re handing over control – and if you didn’t write with them in mind…. [*whisper] They know.

Just like you know the person chatting you up at a party hasn’t asked you one question, yet you know their occupation, they got a great deal on a renovated condo, and their mother’s name is Irma.

Writers are creative, beautifully sensitive creatures and the world needs you.

Below are 6 avoidable traps to keep you on the giving end of reader relationships.

  1. Demographic Doppelgänger

 If your book’s demographic is just like you – forge on. A strong voice and POV is nothing to water down. But if you serve a wider audience, don’t assume everyone has the same religious believes, political opinions, values, pet peeves, and hair texture as you do.

Storytelling brings others into a world they wouldn’t otherwise step into – of course they should feel like a fly on the wall. Just be aware when you’re using language the reader might not understand and keep it intentional.

Non-fiction writers: mix in universal analogies to connect with a wider audience.

Fiction writers: create diverse characters to help tell your story.

Hop into someone else’s ballet flats, kung fu shoe, or construction boots. It enriches your story and expands the reader’s viewpoint – including yours.

  1. Roadblocks

Crafting word combinations that transport your message to a reader can feel like cracking the Da Vinci code. When you’ve finally done it, don’t let anything muddy the waters.

Nothing kills a party like tiny, hard to read font with page-long paragraphs and choppy sentences. Misleading language or visuals that don’t align with your story can distract the reader from your message.

If it’s a how-to book, structure is your BFF. Dump ideas like a child, then organize your content in applicable chapters so messages are aligned and clear. This is especially important if you cover a lot of topics – one rabbit hole at a time.

After your work is absolutely perfect (in your eyes) bring in a rock star editor. Even if you’re an editor, there’s no way to see the big picture from where you’re sitting. No. Way.

  1. Dumbing it Down

Readers are smart. Insulting their intelligence is enough to turn anyone off. Communicate your content in a clear way but don’t dumb down your message by reminding them of it again. And again.

Some of the best stories challenge the reader. Why do you think escape rooms are so popular? They’re filled with puzzles, locks, and riddles to decode with a ticking clock.

People love rising to the occasion.  You’ll be praised for dropping clues and not spelling everything out.

“Look here! I’m foreshadowing.” “Here’s the definition of that big word I just used!” “That’s the sister character I mentioned in chapter one.”

Invite readers along on a journey – don’t carry them through it.  Although this mustn’t be confused with

  1. Show Boating

Snooze. We get it, you know big words. There’s a fine line between speaking in an educated way and talking over your reader’s head. Save the fancy sentences for a Medieval Times dinner.

  1. Fact, Fiction or Autobiography?

Authors usually (hopefully) have some authority on the topic of their non-fiction book. While personal experiences are a stellar motivational tool, if stories are shared to make you look smart and accomplished for no real purpose, the reader will drop you like a hot potato.

Unless you’ve achieved celebrity status (and even if you have), most aren’t reading to learn about the author’s life – save that for your autobiography. 

  1. False Advertising

Like a blind date who looks nothing like their picture (tip: if they never show their teeth, there’s a reason!) know what your book is and what it is not.

A catchy tag line and book title can lure in new readers, but if you don’t deliver the goods you’ll never earn their trust back. Let curious readers know exactly what they’re getting. You want a quality audience pumped to read your book.

David L. Hancock, Founder
Morgan James Publishing

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Hot New Releases for September 12th 2017

Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

The Strong Woman Trap: A Feminist Guide for Getting Your Life Back


Contributor: Mobley, Sasha

Annotation: Helps women understand they can get what they want professionally and personally, without having to do it all alone.




Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World


Contributor: Donaghey, Alison

Annotation: Remember when you thought owning your own business was going to be fun and help you change the world? Then, somewhere along the line, your business became just hard work and wasn’t fun at all. You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Alison Donaghey offers a way to reclaim your business by using a new way of thinking to improve your customer experience, staff contribution, and community involvement. You can make the positive impact on the world you’ve been yearning for. All it takes is a little shift in your critical thinking and Think Opposite is the guide to help take you and your business to new heights, while keeping your mission front and center.




The Same Day Dentistry Revolution: The Path to a More Profitable, Efficient and Enjoyable Experience for You, Your Staff and Your Patients


Contributor: Cole, Charlie

Annotation: The current model of practicing dentistry is like a bad tooth in sore need of extraction. In The Same Day Dentistry, Charles Cole D.D.S. shows us the path to a better way of practicing dentistry – one that gives patients solutions the same day rather than “someday.” It also shows how one dentist’s personal journey can translate to a rewarding career for anyone willing to read, be true to themselves, and take a leap.




Live Video Revolution: How to Get Massive Customer Engagement and Skyrocket Sales with Live Video


Contributor: Comm, Joel

Annotation: The Live Video Revolution shows businesses and brands how they can leave their competition in the dust armed with the latest technology, which is easy to use and costs virtually nothing.




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