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Contributor: Muller, Aaron

Annotation: The Lifestyle Business Owner reveals how ordinary people can buy a small business in their community, earn a six-figure income, and make the business run without them. Aaron Muller, founder of Lifestyle Business Owner Academy, reveals the 3-step formula he utilized to go from a kid who didn’t attend college to the owner of eight companies that run without him. Now it’s your turn to discover the secrets to owning a business that gives you the financial freedom, lifestyle, and contribution you desire.

Contributor: Lamb, Jonathan M

Annotation: Economics has become a taboo topic because is not well understood. As a taboo topic it doesn’t get discussed, and since it is not discussed, it is not understood–what a vicious cycle!

Shying away from open discussions about money, budgets, markets, and trade has resulted in many misconceptions. Economics is all around us, and with a little common sense understanding of economic principals, Jonathan M. Lamb changes the way people view the world. Economics is Like Sex advocates that economics isn’t a boring subject filled with charts and theories cooked up by some dead guys who lived centuries ago. Economics is about decisions. Decisions that relate to money, life, love, and happiness. Economics is not just for government and business, but is a way of everyday life, and some very simple economic thinking can make life just a little bit less complicated when it comes to money.

Money can’t buy love or happiness, but Jonathan Lamb opens the taboo topic to provide a common sense understanding of how basic, easy, common sense economic principals can change the way people view the world.

Contributor: Lake, Maureen

Annotation: Being Happy, Raising Happy helps moms design a wellness program that honestly fits their family and lifestyle on their journey to revitalize their minds, bodies, and spirits with the tools Maureen Lake provides for decreasing stress and anxiety levels.

Contributor: Baucom, Lee H

Annotation: What if there are some rules to living?
What if these “laws” are frequently broken?
In fact, you probably are breaking some of them right now.

Anyone struggling or feeling stuck in life is breaking at least one of these laws. Just like gravity, these laws affect every person, whether that person understands them or not. Instead of breaking the laws (even without realizing it), readers discover how to obey the laws. They learn how to get “unstuck,” find success without chasing it, and finally, obtain peace.

The Immutable Laws of Living helps readers understand:
Why life isn’t fair, and why that isn’t the problem.
How to deal with life challenges, and come out ahead.
How your thoughts keep you stuck, and how to free yourself.
Why fighting change won’t work, and why you don’t have to.
How to deal with your fears and get them to help you.
How to make a real and lasting impact.

If you believe there are hidden rules or laws to living a great life, there are. And you can learn them for yourself. Follow the laws and learn to thrive!

Contributor: Brundage, Kurt Michael

Annotation: Across the United States, almost daily, a news story is reported about another teacher who was recently arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. And every time, principals across the country do exactly the same thing: absolutely nothing. After 3PM is an exploration of this damaging epidemic within the school systems — asking the question: “Why do teachers have unlawful relationships with students?” …by a teacher who did.