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Contributor(s): Wright, Brian K

Annotation: Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers is a collection of the some of the greatest interviews that have occurred on the highly acclaimed Success Profiles Radio. Guests address topics such as success, leadership, building a successful business, financial excellence, and self-development, and include experts such as Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar, Greg Reid, and many more. The leaders featured all had to overcome difficult obstacles on their way to financial success; they were nothing special when they started. This is a unique collection of wisdom from some of the greatest leaders in personal development and success today that shows readers how the success these leaders achieved is available to everyone and how to unlock their own journey to the top.

Contributor(s): Milani, Richard

Annotation: Death and Dollars: Solving the Epidemic of Chronic Disease is a guide to navigating through the ever-changing field of healthcare while incorporating technology and other advancements to improve the quality of care and decrease illness, simultaneously improving and extending lives. The medical crisis of the 21st century is chronic disease, which means it is directly related to our behaviors and lifestyles every day. Dr. Richard V. Milani, MD, takes a look at how physicians, healthcare practitioners, administrators, and policymakers can create lasting change by empowering patients to become active partners in their own healthcare.

Contributor(s): Law, Michael S

Annotation: The Founders’ Revolution enlightens readers about the forgotten history of how the Declaration of Independence came into being and urges readers to return to the principles and the truths found in the Declaration of Independence, showing how the Declaration is still applicable today.

Contributor(s): Stevenson, Kenneth E
Imprint: Morgan James Faith
Annotation: As an original team member of STURP (The Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc.) who were given the rare opportunity to intricately examine and test the shroud, Dr. Kenneth Stevenson brings forth his fourth treatise on the subject with intriguing new perspective.

NAZAH offers an outlook on the Shroud of Turin that looks at both the vast amount of clear, scientific research and evidence, and the heart of the Holy Scriptures. Joined with historical fact, prophetic confirmation, Judaic burial customs and personal reflection, the mystery of the shroud of a crucified Jewish man, whose image was left to be seen, is now brought forth to inspire and challenge a new generation of truth seekers.

With additional discussions of the relic’s historical and spiritual significance, NAZAH will touch the hearts of not only those of Jewish faith, but the hearts of people of all faiths who seek deeper meaning as to what the Shroud of Turin means to today’s generation.

Contributor(s): Zeek, Brian (Author); Brooks, Dee Dee (Author)

Annotation: There’s More to Financial Planning than Financial Planning reveals how not to waste thousands of dollars every year on details and fine print that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Contributor(s): Kallman, Ted (Author); Dromi, Aric (Foreword by) Kallman, Andrew (Author)


Simple is rarely easy to implement.

However, as a recent Flow trainee puts it, “Flow ‘plays nice’ with everyone! And, it will enable you to successfully customize and implement whatever solution you choose.”

Flow is the distillation of over fifty years of successful, hands-on experience that has delivered more than 100 million US dollars in value-add to companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Putting Flow into practice, one company increased profit $550,000 in one year on $2.5 million of revenue, and a large Asian telecom turned around a mission critical project from a projected 2-year schedule overrun and 300% budget increase to delivering seven months early and $4 million under the original budget in a 90-day period.

Ted and Andrew Kallman unify Traditional management and Agile methodologies enabling successful results, regardless of the existing leadership framework. Simple and easy to understand, Flow helps individuals, teams, and organizations create and sustain high performance.

Contributor(s): Marsoobian, Arsen S
Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Annotation: Encourages readers to reflect on major issues and questions about death that most people consider at some point in their lives through three main areas: Spiritual, Relationships, and Finances.

Contributor(s): Kitson, J W
Imprint: Morgan James Fiction

Annotation: Song of the Tree Frogs tells the story of two brothers in a brutal reality, revealing that there are no throwaway kids, especially when unconditional love works its transforming power.

Contributor(s): Ale, Cheryl (Author); Smith, Colleen (Foreword by)

Annotation: The Spark will help create a legacy dance students will never forget!

The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World is about the journey of creative artists and dancers-turned-teachers who are now struggling with the complexities of teaching. Choosing a ballet program that juggles all styles, techniques, and methodologies and that all levels of students will progressively love is a daunting task. In this book, dance teachers will discover what the greatest masters have always known: the true essence of dancing. Quite simply, they will learn how to teach pure, fluid movement with an age-appropriate curriculum proven for the past 60 years to effectively transcend any limiting beliefs about the basis for all dance.

If you’re looking for an empowered learning community with the perfect balance of discipline, integrity, and a curriculum that forms lifetime bonds with students, teachers, and parents, you’ve come to the right place. Celebrate your “sparkdom”!