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Contributor: Beljanski, Sylvie

Annotation: In Winning the War on Cancer the daughter of revolutionary French cancer researcher, Mirko Beljanski, outlines her journey of learning about her father’s discoveries, and ensuring his legacy is available to all those struggling with the disease today.

Contributor: Vlierbergen, Noelle Van

Annotation: The Sober Leap helps women take their recovery to the next level.

Contributor(s): McMonagle, Bridghid (Author); Bourgeois, Kaley (Author)Shallenberger, Frank (Foreword by)

Annotation: Frustrated by your frown lines? You deserve a natural, non-toxic option to help you regain your youth and your confidence.

Don’t wait to pursue:
Improved texture and better skin tone
Firmer skin on your face, neck, chest, and hands
Drastically minimized fine lines and wrinkles
Softer, less visible scars

Dr. Bridghid McMonagle and Dr. Kaley Bourgeois designed their protocol to help you look your best without botox, synthetic fillers, or surgery. With Activated Platelets and Ozone, you can look better, and Secrets to a Younger You tells you how.

Prioritize the health of your skin today!

Imprint: Morgan James Fiction

Contributor: Lee, Guenevere

Annotation: Orope: The White Snake explores the mystery of why the Bronze Age ended through the fictional tale of people caught up in the tragedy.

Imprint: Morgan James Faith

Contributor(s): Smith, Laura Langford (Author); Hanson, Olivia (Illustrator)

Annotation: In the Hearts of His People was written to teach children about The Trinity through narrative, showing children how since the very beginning, The Father has sent His Holy Spirit to be His present and active power among His people…bringing forth His plan for their redemption.

God sends His Spirit and Son, Jesus, at just the right time, with a message to the world–proving His perfect love for them.

Imprint: Morgan James FAITH

Contributor: Kurtz, Kim

Annotation: Pouring In addresses the biggest fear most Christian parents have, that their kids will walk away from their faith. By Pouring Into our kids, we can tip the scales in favor of a lasting faith in Christ.

Imprint: Morgan James Fiction

Contributor: Haight, Jimmy

Annotation: Jack Ranger is a young journalist ready to set the world on fire.

As a freshly-minted college graduate he follows an enigmatic mentor on a quest to expose the corrupt governor of Massachusetts. But society’s institutions have a way of keeping themselves in power and Jack finds himself enveloped in conspiracy and sabotage that threatens to silence both the truth and his future.

In his attempt to re-write the rules, Jack creates Flint Media to breathe new life into the tired industry of truth-telling and to bring out the story that the world so desperately needs to hear. Flint Media takes Jack from the streets of Boston to the high stakes world of New York City, where his venture-backed startups risks flying too close to the sun. As Jack’s purpose bleeds from righteousness to vindication he struggles to reconcile his dreams with the reality of who he has become.

In a blend of “House of Cards” and “Silicon Valley,” Jack & Coke explores the relationship between our ability to preserve transparency and this generation’s struggle to “make it” in a world of stratifying inequality.