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Contributor: Gordon-Wayne, Bettina

Annotation: An honest, positive account of 40 women over 40 who have chosen to become a mother later in life.

Contributor(s): Linaberger, Mara (Author); Atwater, P M H (Foreword by) Mercogliano, Chris (Afterword by)

Annotation: Help! My Child Hates School is a guide for any parent whose child hates school to taking back their right to co-create an amazing future for their child.

Contributor: Misener, Cal

Annotation: Shows business owners how to have freedom and flexibility in their business.

Contributor: Miller, Eleanor

Annotation: If I’m So Strong, Why Do I Feel So Weak teaches rescue workers and others who have chosen self-sacrificing work how to help themselves while still helping others. There are so many who choose a self-sacrificing field of work, such as those who work in Emergency Medical Services, who feel self-doubt when it comes to taking care of themselves. They spend so much time saving the rest of the world that it no longer feels good for them. Eleanor Miller lived that life. And after years of searching, she understands why the popular remedies just don’t cut it. She offers guidance to readers on how to say no without feeling guilty, how to find their own voice, strength, and confidence and so much more on their path to recognizing their own importance.

Contributor(s): Greenawalt, Alexandra Suzanne (Author); Rockefeller, Susan (Foreword by)

Annotation: Shows powerhouse females how to update their style without stress.

Contributor(s): Kiesling, Angie

Annotation: A whimsical approach to correcting common “pitfalls of prose” that any writer can use to grow in their craft–and write like a pro every time.

Contributor: Snook, Kevin

Annotation: What if leading a manufacturing business didn’t have to be so difficult?

Contributor: Pierce, Julie A

Annotation: I Still Want to be a Mom helps women stop thinking about how badly they want a baby and just get pregnant. Sometimes getting to parenthood isn’t as easy breezy as couples are led to believe and women can’t help but wonder what’s up with their fertility. After all the years spent telling their body not to get pregnant, now they want a baby. Sometimes doctors don’t have satisfying answers or solutions, and dealing with all the decisions can be overwhelming and confusing, and there’s so much noise about infertility. I Still Want to be a Mom is for women who are feeling sad, frustrated, broken, and exhausted, and don’t want to feel that way anymore. Fertility and healthy lifestyle coach Julie Pierce shares what she’s learned through years of working with women struggling their way to motherhood–and she was one of them. With her help, women can stop their struggle and return to that beautiful place of confidence and joy they started this journey with and just get pregnant.

Contributor: Tamas, Matt (Author); McNeil, Chris “Teach” (Foreword by)

Annotation: Matt Tamas wrote his previous book on self-protection, Reinvent Your Personal Safety, for his daughters, the women closest to me, and women all over the world. His aim was to cause a paradigm shift in personal safety. Every step of the way, he had his daughters in mind, particularly his youngest daughter, Ashley. Quantum Success is different. The pivotal decision that sparked Matt’s second book was inspired by his son, Peter. This book is for all of his children, and especially for the son he fought so hard to get back. Matt feels strongly that it’s his duty as their father and role model to give them the tools, tactics, and strategies to succeed in life, regardless of how well they do in school or what others try telling them. He wants this book to be a handbook that any of his children can pick up when they’re ready and learn from and follow. While the book is for his children, it’s also for you. It is for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams and is willing to put in the hard work to do it. It is a template for success–a complete guide to a life of abundance.