Morgan James is excited to announce a brand new initiative to help bookstores and small businesses grow their business!

Introducing Morgan James Connect

The savvy Small Business/Bookstore views the community as a partner, for that in essence is what they are. Each benefits from the actions of the other. Each profits from the excellence of the other.

Plug into the high growth EV charging movement by hosting an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

There’s good reason to offer electric vehicle drivers a place to park and recharge quickly. 89% of EV drivers typically make a purchase when charging at a retail location; 83% of respondents prefer to shop more frequently at locations that offer EV charging. Hosting an EV Charging Station gives your property Level 2 charging capabilities while bolstering your commitment to the environment and your bottom line.

  • Increase Revenue By Hosting An EV Charging Station
  • Attract new and repeat guests
  • Encourages buyers to browse longer
  • Increase revenue
  • Drive higher occupancy
  • Achieve sustainability goals
  • Establish your brand as a green leader
  • Future proof your establishment

Morgan James has partnered with the leading EV Networked Charging Station Manufacturer.

Designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector. We provide a turnkey solution that adds charging as service and/or as an amenity. We offer the most flexible solution and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates.

  • Easily implement desired pricing policy: Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and kWh Pricing
  • Easily establish desired access policy for public, private, or multi-group access
  • Sharing features include real-time availability, charging status and alerts/notifications / waitlist features


  • Wireless Technology
    The Station communicates with
    the software and produces real-time
  • Interactive LED Lights
    Quickly identify the station status:
    blue is available, green is charging,
    and red detects a ground fault.
  • Backlit LCD Screen
    Easy reading for costs and station status.
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
    Prevents damage from nature and natural elements.
  • Smart Card Authentication
    Open or closed access available for EV Drivers.
  • Pay with PlugShare
    Find stations, start, and pay for charging through the most widely used EV app.
  • J1772™ Plug
    Charge all new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles including Tesla.

Lease Financing Available

Key features of the Lease Program include:

  • Two Units for One Low Price: Just $225/mo for 60 months (revenue could cover this each month, just 8 hours a day of usage at $1.50 per hour would be $360 per month gross)
  • One Year Network Services: Fees prepaid for 12 months. $20 per month, per unit thereafter
  • All Maintenance Included: Including immediate Replacement Coverage for 12 months. Extended Warranty options are available.
  • Installation Included: Up to $3,000 credit
    Taxes and shipping not included in quote and can vary depending on location
    Pricing subject to change.

To learn more or to find out how to purchase and apply for a lease application, use the Request a Quote Link below.

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Get A Single Station for Free!

Once a year Morgan James will provide a single charging station to a worthy Bookstore. More details coming, but submissions will be fun and lighthearted.

Learn more here.