NEW YORKMay 26, 2019Morgan James’ new book release, Reflections: A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose by Brian and Fia Hobbs, is a inspiring story written from the perspective of a man with terminal cancer and his wife.

When songwriter Brian Hobbs was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he was immediately faced with feelings of fear. However, this illness started a journey that would change his entire perspective on life. Throughout his battle with cancer, Brian Hobbs captured his feelings and experiences in a blog that became a powerful inspiration for many others. Reflections is a continuation of that blog, co-written by Fia Hobbs, his wife, caregiver, and therapist.

Told that he only had months to live, Brian Hobbs was forced to take the most difficult situation he could possibly face and find hope in spite of it. Reflections recounts his emotional path from despair to peace and acceptance. Brian’s blog, and Fia’s additions to it, were written to inspire readers to focus on the things that truly matter in life. Reflections offers refreshingly powerful insight and wisdom that, though gained during tragic circumstances, can benefit anyone at any point in their lives.

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About the Author: Fia Hobbs is a speaker, therapist, and stress management expert with three decades of experience. Fia specializes in cancer wellness, and founded the Swedish nonprofit organization, Fonden Cancerfriskvård (Foundation for Cancer Wellness). Fia has helped countless clients, and her work has led her to be featured in many Swedish magazines and newspapers. Fia currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

More About This Title: Reflections: A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose by Brian and Fia Hobbs will be released by Morgan James Publishing on May 26, 2020. Reflections ISBN 9781642797060has 170 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $14.95

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