Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
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Contributors: James, DO, FACC, Michael (Author) and Ranville, Michael (Author)

Annotation: Rare is the family untouched by heart disease. In the not too distant past treatment consisted of little more than making the patient comfortable, and was accompanied by a dependence on family. Cardiac care is now geared to restoring the patient to a vigorous, productive life, in many cases more robust than before. Under the direction of Dr. James, Mike Ranville epitomizes the success of the new approach.

Contributor: Cohen, Emily Wanderer (Author)

Annotation: Heal your intergenerational trauma and live a happier life!

Contributor: Angello, Michele (Author)

Annotation: A magical story that begins with a boy who goes on an adventurous journey after being given the power of invisibility at birth, bringing fantasy and history alive as legendary kings come alive in fifth century England.

Contributor: Wild, Reverend Stephanie (Author)

Annotation: A step-by-step guide to getting past childhood abuse without letting anyone off the hook.

Contributor: Caplan, Joseph (Author)

Annotation: The Money Man shows readers solid ground on which to stand, and how to be free from anxiety, in an impermanent and disappointing world.

Contributor: Bowman, Des (Author)

Annotation: Helps people heal and live life to their fullest potential.

Contributor: McLean, Maralee (Author)

Annotation: Prosecuted But Not Silenced is a fast read that highlights the need for change not only in American courtrooms, but internationally, to prevent mothers and their children from suffering the same fate as Maralee and her daughter.