Morgan James Publishing is excited to announce these Hot New Releases for this week!
Each of these are available at your favorite bookseller or online starting this week.

Contributor: Frank, Anna Marie (Author)

Annotation: Stop Bullying Yourself empowers readers with all the how-to’s to become a happier, more successful, whole person!

Contributor: MacDonald, Josh (Author)

Annotation: The Non-Technical Founder teaches readers how to bring their tech idea to life.

Contributor: Harrigan-Pedersen, Nurys (Author)

Annotation: Make Your Mark guides those who want to change their career route to create an empowering, rewarding, and fulfilling journey towards having a job they love.

Contributors: O’Hare, George (Author), Young, Emma (Author)

Annotation: A witty and intriguing memoir that addresses how white youth are raised and trained to be racists, and how learning the truth can cause a died-in-the-wool racist to become a recovering racist.

Contributor: Flint, Erika (Author)

Annotation: Lasting weight loss without the struggle.