NEW YORK—September 24, 2019—Morgan James’s new release, Riches in Real Estate: Have, Be, and Do Everything You Want, by Jarett B. Shaffer and Susan S. Shaffer, offers a comprehensive approach for real estate agents to make a healthy, steady income. Jarett and Susan Shaffer’s years of experience have taught them how to make a profit with real estate while still finding quality time with their family and free time to pursue their goals and hobbies. Riches in Real Estate fills in the missing pieces for real estate agents to realize the dreams they have for their careers.

Jarett and Susan Shaffer understand the initial excitement and passion that comes from beginning a career in real estate, and they know how quickly it can fade due to long hours, low pay, and promising leads that don’t pay off. Today, Jarett B. Shaffer, Hampton Roads’ #1 life coach and business strategist, and Susan S. Shaffer, a real estate leader with thirty years of experience, bring real estate agents seven steps to lasting wealth, personal happiness, and freedom from fear and worry.

In Riches in Real Estate, real estate agents find a systematic plan to get off the real estate hamster wheel, turn around an underperforming real estate business, and finally make real estate create the life of their dreams. Jarett and Susan Shaffer teach agents how to make their underperforming real estate practice pay more in less time, and they offer insight into selecting a specialty where a real estate agent can truly shine.

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About the Author: Entrepreneur Jarett B. Shaffer is a successful real estate investor and Hampton Road’s #1 life coach and business strategist. He is the founder, partner, and CEO of over 20 different companies in the industries of retail sales, commercial real estate, and brokerage services. Married for over thirty years, Jarrett resides with his wife, Susan, in their beachfront home in Norfolk, Virginia.

Susan S. Shaffer, an established and dynamic leader in the real estate, finance, and insurance industries, is an author, motivational speaker, business coach, and certified Yoga instructor. Married for over thirty years, Susan resides with her husband, Jarrett, in their beachfront home in Norfolk, Virginia

More About This Title: Riches in Real Estate: Have, Be, and Do Everything You Want, by Jarett B. Shaffer and Susan S. Shaffer, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on September 24, 2019. Riches in Real Estate—ISBN 9781642793413—has 136 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $14.95.

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