NEW YORK— July 28, 2020—Morgan James’ new release, The Ultimate Cure for Depression: Leveraging Science and Faith for Total Healing by Dr. Joy Kwakuyi, offers new mental health strategies from a variety of sources. The Ultimate Cure for Depression was written for those who are struggling with mental illness and have not been able to receive the outcome they need. 

With years of extensive research and experience, Dr. Joy Kwakuyi understands how debilitating mental illness can be and is determined to help those who desperately need it. In The Ultimate Cure for Depression, Dr. Kwakuyi shares how patients can have lasting recovery with therapy, medication, and self-care. He also integrates his spiritual beliefs into his approach, providing a multifaceted approach that transforms patients physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Ultimate Cure for Depression is about winning the war against depression and other mental illnesses. Dr. Kwakuyi believes that those suffering with depression are capable of enjoying personal relationships and normal responsibilities, so long as they maintain a supportive network and develop a personalizing approach to their growth and healing. His experience in the medical and religious fields informs his approach, making The Ultimate Cure for Depression an essential guide to support those with mental illness.

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About the Author: Dr. Joy Kwakuyi is a respected integrative psychiatric nurse practitioner, pastor, and life coach, who helps leaders and professionals to find total and lasting relief from depression and anxiety. He is the Owner and Director of the Tucson Treatment Center where he works mainly with politicians, business and non-profit executives, lawyers, pastors, and healthcare professionals. Dr. Kwakuyi also speaks to various audiences with the goal of optimizing their psychosocial functioning and finding fulfillment in life. In his work, he leverages and advocates integrative psychiatric and Christian interventions based on his Authentic Healing Process for Depression (AHPD) treatment process. Dr. Kwakuyi currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

More About This Title: The Ultimate Cure for Depression: Leveraging Science and Faith for Total Healing by Dr. Joy Kwakuyi, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on July 28, 2020. The Ultimate Cure for Depression—ISBN 9781642797718—has 170 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $14.95. 

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