NEW YORK— July 21, 2019—Morgan James’ new release, Lord, Please Make Him Stop Drinking: The Christian Woman’s Guide to Thrive No Matter What, by Christine Lennard Folk, is a reference for wives and mothers to face marital conflict directly and demonstrate love in difficult situations. Christine Lennard Folk, a communications coach and Christian mentor, is devoted to sharing her personal experiences of finding peace her home despite the actions of an alcoholic husband.

Lord, Please Make Him Stop Drinking provides clear biblical examples for women to emulate, so that they may survive the emotional roller coaster of their husband’s mistreatment. Christine Lennard Folk offers helpful advice and strategies for wives and mothers to apply as they interact with an addicted or manipulative spouse. Folk argues that divorce isn’t the answer and uses biblical lessons to shape her approach to repairing marriages.

In Lord, Please Make Him Stop Drinking, Christine Lennard Folk describes practical techniques that apply God’s Word to tumultuous and seemingly impossible situations. Folk shows women how to resist being provoked into an argument by speaking to their husbands in his “secret language.” She offers her personal twist on the popular “Five Love Languages,” which she calls the Seven Silent Languages, the different ways people can show and withhold love. 

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About the Author: Jesus brought Christine Lennard Folk support, circumstances, and experiences that led to the creation of the 7 Silent Languages and the Epiphany Approach – communication keys that transform hearts and minds regardless of the other person. She knew they worked to transform her home of turmoil into a place of peace. Her mission is to show as many wives of alcoholic husbands as possible how to get peace and solace in their homes. Christine speaks to Christian women’s organizations and works one-on-one with Christian women who also desire to stay married to the man they love, despite his alcoholism. Christine currently resides in Temperance, Michigan.

More About This Title: Lord, Please Make Him Stop Drinking: The Christian Woman’s Guide to Thrive No Matter What, by Christine Lennard Folk, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on July 21, 2020. Lord, Please Make Him Stop Drinking —ISBN 9781642797770 —has 165 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $14.95.

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