NEW YORK—January 21, 2020—Morgan James’ new release, The Clean-Eating Kid: Grocery Store Food Swaps for an Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Jenny Carr, offers a health coach’s insight into how to treat many chronic health conditions and to maintain healthy weight in children. The Clean-Eating Kid lets parents improve their children’s health and overall wellbeing with an anti-inflammatory diet that they’ll actually enjoy!

A poor diet is responsible for so many health issues, and subsequently a healthy diet is the solution. Jenny Carr understands the power of food personally, as she nearly died at the hands of an autoimmune disease, and has recovered by embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Today, Carr is a leading inflammatory expert, and she is excited to share her knowledge with parents, caregivers, and pediatricians in The Clean-Eating Kid.

So many children suffer from ailments that could be prevented with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle; conditions such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, allergies, and so many more can all be traced back to a person’s diet. Jenny Carr understands that children need not suffer preventable chronic illnesses. In The Clean-Eating Kid, she teaches parents the downfalls of an inflammatory diet and helps them to reverse the symptoms by make simple food swaps that kids will actually like. The Clean-Eating Kid: Grocery Store Food Swaps for an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is the perfect guide for parents to get their children on the path to health.

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About the Author: Jenny Carr is a speaker, MOM-prenuer, leading inflammation expert, and the international bestselling author of Peace Of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet. She survived a near-death experience due to an autoimmune condition and is healing through upholding anti-inflammatory living. Jenny offers VIP coaching as well as online courses and has been featured by major publications such as NBC, ABC, iHeart Radio, Dr. Mark Hyman, US News & World Report, Rancho La Puerta, MindBodyGreen, Well + Good, and many more. She resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her husband, Brock, and two kids, Tosh and Chloe. 

More About This Title: The Clean-Eating Kid: Grocery Store Food Swaps for an Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Jenny Carr will be released by Morgan James Publishing on January 21, 2020. The Clean-Eating Kid—ISBN 9781642794489—has 166 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $18.95.

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