NEW YORK—July 30, 2019—Morgan James’s new release, Shine: A Mom’s Guide to Help Her Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams, by Neisha Hernandez, is the handbook for any mom who wants to see her daughter grow and strive for greatness. As a mother of four children, and a mentor and coach to countless others, Neisha Hernandez knows the joys, struggles, and hopes mothers have for their children, and she is all too aware of the pressures on young girls. In Shine, Hernandez shows mothers how to connect with their daughters on a deeper level while showing them how to unlock their hidden potential and gifts, to know their own worthiness, and to find a deeper sense of purpose.

Shine helps mothers connect with their daughters on a deeper level by encouraging both of them to examine their unhealthy habits and to unlock their hidden potential and gifts. Neisha Hernandez emphasizes how important it is for a young woman to describe and outline her own dream, and provides helpful exercises and strategies for her to get there, however the majority of the book is directed toward mothers, and how they can best support their daughters. Hernandez asks mothers to study their own behavior, ethics, and relationships, to see what kind of example they are setting for their children. She also states how important it is to question the groups and organizations that influence their children, to see what impact they may have.

With quick readability and application for busy moms, Shine teaches mothers how to lead their daughters into a life of great love, great service, and great purpose. Neisha Hernandez is motivated to share her insights with other mothers and mentors, providing a roadmap that will lead young women into a bright and exciting future that only they can shape.

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About the Author: Neisha Hernandez is the owner of Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy in San Diego, California, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Chula Vista Ballet Company, a Coach for More Than Just Great Dancing, a Certified Teacher for Youth Protection Advocates in Dance, and a Chula Vista Commissioner for Arts & Culture. She has been featured in Dance Studio Life and Success magazines for her children’s programming. Neisha lives with her beautiful family in Chula Vista, CA.

More About This Title: Shine: A Mom’s Guide to Help Her Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams, by Neisha Hernandez, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on July 30, 2019. Shine—ISBN 9781642792836—has 116 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $11.95.

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