NEW YORK—June 30, 2020—Morgan James’ new release, The Write to Happiness: How to Write Stories to Change Your Brain and Your Life by Samantha Shad, tells a story on how to write fiction that helps with real-life personal and neurological transformation. 

Samantha Shad spent decades in Hollywood writing fictional stories about imaginary people and places. She later learned that this career in writing created happiness and purpose in her life. Shad writes about how any person dreaming of being a professional writer can learn the secrets of great writing and apply it to their own work. In The Write to Happiness, Shad contributes the methods of writing that sparked her career and can spark those who heed her advice.

The Write to Happiness later explores the neuroscience behind fiction writing. Shad clearly lays out how the positive impacts from writing fiction can go straight to the brain and soul of the writer. She uses her knack for writing to note how a repetitive practice can be beneficial for anyone. With a strong support system, anyone with writing talent can heed her advice and work on their fiction to help themselves. 

Writing is beneficial for both the writer and the reader. Shad shares how it is possible to learn the magic of storytelling and its connection to neuroscience. With her decades long experience as a screenwriter, Samantha Shad describes her career and how it taught her to use fiction writing to make her life as happy as it can be in The Write to Happiness.

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About the Author: Samantha Shad was a member of the bar in three states and a practicing entertainment attorney in Beverly Hills before she turned her attention to screenwriting. She wrote twenty feature film scripts for the major studios, including Class Action (Twentieth Century Fox), as well as feature length and episodic television for each of the major networks, including the movie Vanished Without A Trace (NBC-Universal). Each story increased the joy in her life. She learned how to write her story to right her life. She now teaches advanced writing and leads seminars on how to Write to Happiness. Samantha currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.

More About This Title: The Write to Happiness: How to Write Stories to Change Your Brain and Your Life by Samantha Shad, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on June 30, 2020. The Write to Happiness—ISBN 9781642798098—has 288 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95. 

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