NEW YORK—June 18, 2019—Morgan James’ new health book release, Crohn’s and Colitis Fix: 10 Week Plan for Reversing IBD Symptoms and Getting Rid of Fatigue by Inna Lukyanovsky, PharmD, shows sufferers a better way to manage their IBD symptoms. Crohn’s and Colitis Fix was written for any patients that continually struggle with Crohn’s or colitis.

IBD can be a frustrating issue that takes far too much control over a person’s life. As a Chron’s patient herself, Dr. Lukyanovsky understood this firsthand before achieving stable remission. Lukyanovsky shares her life-changing solutions in her new book, Crohn’s and Colitis Fix. Inna teaches patients how to begin viewing food as their friend once again by helping them craft an anti-inflammatory way of eating that works for them. She also shows them how they can put an end to feeling like an IBD victim and start re-training their outlook to live a fun and fulfilled lifestyle.

Crohn’s and Colitis Fix goes far beyond the traditional approaches to dealing with IBD as it offers a holistic approach to self-management and bio hacks for gut healing. Lukyanovsky helps patients find the root causes of their symptoms, rather than a quick patch, and create an effective plan for healing. Through Crohn’s and Colitis Fix, IBD patients regain control of their symptoms and their life.

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About the Author: Inna Lukyanovsky is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Crohn’s patient. Lukyanovsky uses her medical experience to help others suffering from IBD to reduce their symptoms, repair their immune system, and gain energy. To accomplish this, Lukyanovsky founded a consulting practice, Real Health Solutions. Dr. Lukyanovsky lives in Marlboro, New Jersey with her husband and their three children.

More About This Title: Crohn’s and Colitis Fix: 10 Week Plan for Reversing IBD Symptoms and Getting Rid of Fatigue by Inna Lukyanovsky will be released by Morgan James Publishing on June 18, 2019. Crohn’s and Colitis FixISBN 9781642792263—has 184 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95

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