NEW YORK—January 14, 2020—Morgan James’s new release, Unstuck: Letting Go of the Myths Keeping You from Who You Were Created to Be, by Kim Anderson, identifies and deconstructs sixteen myths that keep women stuck and unfulfilled. As a board-certified therapist and life coach, Kim Anderson believes that many women are living in a state of frustration and denial of their needs, and she wants to show them that they are destined for a more full and brilliant life.

In Unstuck, Kim Anderson uncovers sixteen myths that keep women from walking in the freedom and joy they were created to experience. These myths, adopted during seasons of pain and fear, are fueled by feelings of inadequacy and regret. And while these myths may seem necessary in the moment, Anderson knows that they will become toxic over time, holding women back from being all they can be. Each chapter of Unstuck demonstrates how to challenge damaging beliefs and stop living small, unfulfilled lives. 

Kim Anderson’s evidence-based approach is designed to inspire women to move beyond a life of anger, sadness, loneliness, and shame, and to embrace a new mindset to change. Anderson recommends specific action steps to move women toward new beliefs and patterns, replacing negative self-talk with positive reframing of an issue. She highlights key issues that keep women stuck in a season of limited growth and repeated cycles, and she identifies how to avoid or wrestle with those issues, to help women become who they are meant to be. 

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About the Author: Kim Anderson is a board-certified licensed therapist, certified life coach, speaker, and team builder. She is also co-host of the Podcast Coming Unglued, which provides skills and tools for women to become unstuck and live free. Kim works with individual clients, as well as leading retreats and corporate team-building events that help individuals and teams identify the best ways to work together toward a common goal. She is a Christian attending West End Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee.

More About This Title: Unstuck: Letting Go of the Myths Keeping You from Who You Were Created to Be, by Kim Anderson, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on January 14, 2020. Unstuck —ISBN 9781642794991—has 216 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $16.99.

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